Finally I Make It!

Finaly i make it! Make what? My Fan Ficiton blog! Yihaaaa!!!!

I always like writing story , and i make decision for make blog fan ficiton!


Why Fan Ficiton?

Because i always like read fan ficiton , so i decision for writing fan ficiton at other blog.

Why you not write you fan ficiton here?


Eum… Because what i write here is from me , ALL. But at my fan ficiton blog other people can write and public at there. You can sumblit your story to me.. with email at

You talk about fan fiction and fan fiction but i dont know what name you fan fiction blog!

Kekeeke so sorry for that. My Fan Fiction Blog is . FUKIDZ FAN FICTON So dont forget to visit okay..

ps: i write my fan fiction with indonesia language by the way.


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