[Review] It’s Real Pack Broccoli

Its new product skin care from etude , its real pack. They have 4 type Broccoli , carrot , seal kelp , and pumpkin. From the website i look they have one type is chestnut but i never get chestnut mask at etude counter Indonesia , so yeah only 4 type its real pack. And my favorite type si broccoli and carrot

Each type have different function for skin. Broccoli for made skin more healthy and bright , carrot for made skin more bright skin , seal kelp for made skin more moist is actually for dry skin and last but not least is pumpkin for made skin pumpkin and soft.
And my favorite is broccoli and carrot because the texture really good not too liquid. The seal kelp and pumpkin is so liquid and so hard to dry , so take more long time




Yeah only Its real Pack Broccoli i will update , i love this texture and beside is really good for my skin , made my skin more bright and ‘live’ for some reason. And something you must know if you looking at internet before you using this mask you must wear Etude Its Real Dry Gauge like this

But at counter Etude they never have something like this. So the sales from Edute Indonesia tell me just wear like you wear mask liquid. And yeah even im never using this tool is really okay! I can feel my face really good , so bright and live after i using this.

When you must using a mask?

Most people said at least one time each week , but i saw suzy from miss a say she mask everyday before she sleep so she face awesome perfect good even she wearing heavy make up everyday. I never suggest you mask everyday , if you have time is sound good , but for me i just using mask 3 times each week , or at least 2 times each week. And for suggest i wearing mask after i using very heavy make up , ahahaha is jut for made my skin come back moist after i get very heavy make up.

This mask at least 200.000 IDR or around 20 dollar one box , is mean 3 pack. Little expensive if you buy at counter , if you dont want you can buy at online , so many online store sell this.

And this mask have 2 type liquid one and paper mask. I more like the liquid because for some reason if i using paper mask , is have some part at my mask dont get vitamin from mask because my face more bigger than the paper mask size. Anytime i get mask i rest until my mask dry and clean with warm water.. and yeah ta..dah!! my face so soft and clean! I like a feel when i already get mask…


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