My Antoher Wonderfull Night

I never ever forget or regret tonight i mean 3 November 2012 , it will be another wonder full night , i maybe use my all lucky i have for tonight!

I come to Jaejoong Fanmeeting , and yeah even im not so close with stage but i can see Jaejoong live. And you know what i realize somethi

1. He live!

2. He so tall!

3. He handsome!

4. He like anime , he face so perfect

5. I never meet someone have charisma like him! He charisma so strong

6. He can made me fall down like stupid but i will said its okay if that happend

Okay , i really cant explain so perfect my feeling now! Im so so happy! I high five with him ( please say you envy to me ) and second i take a picture with him! Even group picture , but im not so far with him!

Ah totally is wonder full night even im upset in some part , but i will explain later! Is already 1.59 right now , im not as freaking tired , im feel so still so amazing but im to lazy for editing my picture so yeah i promise tomorrow i will update all about Jaejoong Fan meeting at MEIS 3 November 2012!



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