[Review] Shabu Shabu Express

For who you like shabu – shabu , or japan food you can try this shabu – shabu express. I try for first time and yeah…. its not bad at all. The service is good , the taste food is good too , but yeah i dont to like it so much. Because i really dont like shabu- shabu.

I come to shabu  shabu express for first time , actually i get late lunch around 14.00 i come and not really busy , many staff gathering for talk about their work , and only have 2 guest at there with me and my mom is mean 4 guest.

The staff enough friendly , they so fast to server us for the serves i want say is good enough.

For first time i try to order beef set for one person. One package beef , vegetable and rice. Is enough for two people i think the vegetable. But yeah because im not to really like shabu – shabu so i order one for my mom. Im just try. Beside vegetable we got some noodle , udon i dont try the udon but my mom said is pretty delicious

And for the soup i try Korea beef bone and Sukiyaki Soup. They have many kind of soup but i try korea beef bone and sukiyaki soup. You can choose one soup or two soup , each soup you must pay for more. For example for korean beef bone i must pay 25IDR or around 2 Dollar for Sukiayki soup i must pay for 15IDR or aroun 1 Dollar.

For beef set with vegetable and rice is only 89IDR or around 9 Dollar , is not expensive since is eating shabu – shabu in big place like this. But its for Jakarta i say is not expensive but for Bandung , ah is expensive many – many good place with good taste more cheap and delicious at Bandung

The biggest problem for this place is soup , i dont really like the soup so tasteless i dont like food with tasteless taste specially soup , because in soup the have beef , and vegetable if the soup tasteless the beef and vegetable will be tasteless too. So i prefer soup with savory taste.

But if you dont really like savory taste you more like tasteless taste i think you will be like shabu – shabu express. Is okay for you try!

Even i dont really like the food but i falling in love with the drink mojito this place. I order Kiwi Paradise and its so fresh , kiwi and mojito mix together so wonderfull! Is so fresh very match with jakarta weather super hot , and after drink i feel so fresh and yeah so relax!

For the drink actually is standar price i order Kiwi Paradise is 27IDR or around 3 Dollar. The price of drink is same with cafer at Bandung or Jakarta. But yeah i recommend you if you come to shabu shabu express you can order Kiwi Paradise , i think the tase from original mojito is not really strong because they remix again so the taste not like original mojito but so fresh

I enjoy come to shabu shabu express the place is cozy too! Even im said i dont really like the taste but i recommend you to come and try this place because is not really bad. Is juste my taste not match with this place so i dont really like it but i falling in love with Kiwi Paradise i want come again to shabu shabu express for order Kiwi Pardaise

Shabu Shabu Express

Central Park Mall L Floor number 204B


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