What You Need In Your Bag During A Concert

Concert its time for having fun! Meet you idol and feel
your idol sing live in front you , and know how perfect they voice when they sing live right?

So you need put item when you want attending a concert , this item just like
must item for you , put in your bag okay so lets gets started!

This is what i put in my bag during fan meeting jaejoong yesterday.
Its too much or no? I dont know , but that all item its so useful during a concert
let me explain one by one


Actually i always put my perfume in my bag , ALWAYS. I just dont know how my body condition , and how weather when i go out , maybe weather is super hot , and im get wet and smeel super suck , so perfume save me if i must meeting someone who immportant , so yeah i take my perfume everywhere i go.

Reason why you put your perfume in you bag during concert you must prepare you dont know how luck you are , so when you can get chance to go to stage make sure your smell its super good , not jerk because you sweat after enjoy the concert , its can help you so much.

Maybe you ask me why i put perfume man , since im pure woman. The reason is i more like smell man perfume than woman , so i more like manly and masculine when i using man perfume


Sorry for bluer picture , this is face mist from evian i get at KL. I always put face mist whenever i go to , but during concert its same important too . You dont know when concert open , since last time the fan meeting is late and my make up already blur like crazy so i put this , beside making my make up more everlasting is made my face so fresh.

If you feel so tired when you working , study or something , i can face mist can made you more fresh and made you more energetic , because face mist is so fresh and cool its can made our energy come back.


Pouch make up its can help you to repair your make up , touch up. Yeah i get all my make up for touch up at puch make up , so what i get in my pouch make up , check this out

I think my pouch make up not different , its super simple , i put my lip tint , lip gloss , eye linear , eye brow , blush on , lip linear , hand cream , powder and eye drop for soflens.

Made sure if you using soft lens and its take a long long time ( like more 24 hours) or more time than you using everyday made sure you take eye drop for soft lens because it can help when your soft lens dry or its not comfortable for too long used.


Its just for save your life if the concert late , you can using headset for listening music. And reason why i get my charger i dont want my handphone low bath during concert so i made sure before concert my handphone its full so i put my charger to  my bag.

At some concert you cant take your pocket camera or tablet at hall , so handphone can save your life for taking picture. So make sure your handphone is full so before the concert please charging your handphone


Wallet its most most important item! Everywhere you go you must put this one in your bag , but made sure what you put in you wallet to , because its more special when you go to concert.

You must sure you get your ID in you wallet because you dont know if you must show your ID before you come to hell , made sure you have enough money , i dont have any cash money too much so i get my ATM and CC with me.. For the money cash i put small change money , because in big event like concert the exchange its so hard to get so i put small chang money in my wallet


I put more tissue for concert white tissue and dry tissue , you dont know how condition toilet at hall so you must becareful if the toilet its dirty or they dont have clean water , so you can using wet tissue!


I put telescope because i want watching them more clear , so suck if you must watching your idol at screen to , i more like watching them in stage than looking them on screen , so yeah i must get this one for made more clearly.

But made sure if you decide to put this in your bag , put small telescope with good quality. If you put the big one its will be so heavy and so complicated isnt it?


I put my pocket camera , digital one but because i using for taking a picture a picture of my camera i dont have… Ah i take my polaroid camera with me , its just for have fun take a picture with my friend ! Because its special event so i want more special with polaroid its seems perfect for me!

Yeah thats all what i take in my bag during yesterday fan meting and you cant take with you if you attending to concert of fan meeting , make sure what you put in your bag. And yeah dont forget ticket!


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