I Change My Hair Style

I get some bored with my hair style but i dont know what style match with me since my hair its short right now , i think wait until my hair more long i will change my hair style but its take so long!

So i decide to extension my hair!

Is not my first time i extension my hair , i get my extension before when im high school , but when i stop school i give up for extension since i already extension so long ( 2 until 3 years) i leave extension my hair and cut my hair super short.

Regret? Never…

I really like get short hair and long hair , but im getting bored with hair style until now i never get long hair without extension

Actually my hair extension color more bright than my real hair but for some reason its match so far and i super like my long hair!

which better than short hair?

I dont know which better short hair or long hair. Both i love and i comfortable with short hair or long hair the important its being comfortable right?

I dont know what you think when looking my face with no make up at all , yeah i get bear face… kekeke im confident with my fave without make up? I think im little confident

I can go out without make up , but at some place i must go with make up im not enough pretty (im sure about this!) when im not using make up since im not artist or model! ahahahaha

Yeah as you can see my face so gloomy , its take after i change my clothes after wake up , so yeah im still feel so sleepy and i dont have any energy im looking so freaking tired right? yeah i am…

And today im get new pink glasses from new look! And i loving so much! Why? First of all this not expensive so much , around 8 dollar! And i love this glasses so much  , its pink after all!

I really want buy white one but for some reason i dont really like the white one not  match with my face shape for me , so i still looking glasses like what i buy right now but whit different color , white!

Okay just enough my post for this (i dont know if this some trash post) but even you dont like , i still wanna post! Since im selfish enought , and since its my blog! ahahaha

chao in next post

byeeee muach ><


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