My Super Cute Grandmother!

I only have one grandmother since im born…I have grandfather but its already die when im 6 years old maybe , i dont have many memories with him anyway…

How about my grandmother and grandfather from my father side?

They already die…
When my father 17 years old my grandfather from dad already rest in peace and my grandmother rest in peace before im born so i dotn know at all about them… but i have they picture and its already super old picture! It take when they together young but never mind im already happy i have grandmother!

My grandmother its super healthy she already 83 years old!
Beside she super healthy she super really cute! She really like kaya butter and she can eat hakau with kaya butter!

Normal we ate kaya butter with bread but my grandmother eat with hakau since bread we order already we ate together and we still have kaya butter and hakau so my grandmother (since she love so much kaya butter) she ate hakau with kaya butter

I dont know how the taste…
Weird? Maybe , because i dont want try i scary if the taste going weird
But my mom eat with happy face , its prove she really like kaya butter , and i think she can eat kaya butter without bread maybe with hakau or rice? Maybe she can , okay i dont know but its just my opinion

I just eat hakau with normal way without kaya butter
and tastes super good even i dont really like the skin of hakau ahahah little plain
so i decide to eat shrimp only

Come back to my grandmother ahahaha , okay i dont really have many picture about her because that picture i take without say anything because she really hate when i take she picture

She will say no if i say i want take a picture with her
so this picture actually 100 percent candid ahahah , and i take without saying anything

Maybe its boring read me talk about my grandmother , but honestly its maybe its not last post i talk about her
Its my first post , and it will be continues and prove i really love my grandmother so much!



little different post with big different edit picture wich better?


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