[Review] Khiel’s Abyssine Eye Cream

In such young old like me (im still young enough) why i need eye cream?
Beside what we think only old woman who need eye cream someone who alread 24 years old , but even im still young i need eye cream , for made my eye panda gone!

I dont have enough sleep , i slept after 24.00 or more , and i know how its so terrible
If you want have such a young skin forever like baby skin , you must have enough sleep , sleep its important but i dont have enough sleep , so i must take care much better my skin before its getting more worse

And yeah… now i want review such a good item ,
For me its just like treasure trove! ahahaha its i say too much? But whatever i really like this eye cream! This from khiel’s!

The best think for this eye cream , its work! Ahahaha and the result its so quick! You will get nice eye only for around 2 weeks for me , my panda eyes getting more slowly but sure gone!

Beside for my panda eye its can made your wrinkling beside eyes gone slowly , so its made your eyes so pretty like what you want!

I really like khiel’s skin care even its more expensive than other skin care but its really work , you pay for something not for nothing. I already using skin care from khiel’s already 6 month i dont know its long or no , but my skin getting better after i using khie’s skin product

Beside skin product i have my favorite product from khiels its conditioner for hair!
But i will review later okay!?! I will review this one first…

I said i really love this product because its work , but i have some side who i really dislike from khiel’s
product , the smell its worst for me , i dont like the smell , like drug or something…

They (the sales from khiels) said khiels never use some perfume for their skin care product , like oder skin care product , but even i know its good but i still dont like the smell
so weird!


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