[Review] Luminous Change Fake Eyelash

Whats up guys!?!
Now i will review fake eyelash from Luminous Change this one of japan brand and its enough popular at japan

I get this one from Sasa and only 95 HKD and you will get 5 couple of eyelash which super cute!
For me this Eyelash its cheap i mean you have 5 couple fake eyelash and you can use many times each couple

Luminous Change have many different style fake eyelash i dont know how much they have but its pretty much! But i falling in love with this fake eyelash number 5! Its made my eye so cute like kawai girl at japan wkwkwkw

I feel look like dolly , its so dramatic but i still love i even using this for couple time when im hang out , so dramatic but yeah its still cute beside you can using this one to party and made your eyes more glamour

For my opinion i more like fake eyelash which dramatic style than natural style
because its made you feel so different!

You can so much different if you using some cute / dramatic fake eyelash
even you dont use some make up , only with eyelash you can be someone different! Its not good the power of  fake eyelash!

I now power eyelash its so much bigger than i think and you think , so i collection some
dramatic eyelash (no natural eyelash i feel boring with natural eyelash! ahahaha) and yeah its really change me , i feel to be someone super different (im feel im pretty! Ahahaha and its made me good!)

The best thing of this product , its not expensive!
Even you already many times of fake eyelash (for me i already use 5 times of one couple eyelash) and the condition still good (you must carefully when you take your eyelash and get some treat and your eyelash will super good for long long time!)

Bad thing i think i never see this fake eyelash at indonesia…
I buy at sasa one of famous hong kong brand store who sell make up , hair do , atc
i never see sasa online store sell this , but you can try to looking their website and they can delivery world wide!



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