[Review] Bubble Hair Color Etude

My hair grow up not fast but already grow up and i get some black hair!
So i decide to dyed my hair again… But for this time i want dyed my hair by my self

So i decide to try etude bubble hair color because its super popular hair color like bubble
I know few brand which super popular bubble hair color like liese or palty but they product never even come to indonesia. You never get some bubble hair color at any kind of shop beside etude
or you buy online , and price enough expensive since bubble hair color must be more cheap than normal hair color



With this hair condition i must dyed my hair because yeah its not good looking
So i decide for dyed my hair by my self like i said before
and i chose orange one , because i look at box the color its super sweet and yeah i feel like



The box its not small its big but not so big
at inside they give you of course coloring , hair treatment , plastic gloves and plastic for cover your dress when you dyed your hair



Its super easy to using you only mix. Put coloring package at bottle and wait until get bubble
beside its pretty easy to mix its super quick you only must wait 30 minute and you will get hair color you want . I read at somewhere i really forget sorry dont wait more than 30 minute because the color will be never same like the box , i think maybe right



6 (2)

6 (1)

Using hair treatment made you hair more protect from dyed hair
like etude know so well so they give us this one


Im sorry i dont have any picture when i dyed my hair
because im busy with dyed my hair i  must separate my hair which i want to dyed and which one i dont one dyed

I left my hair extension like before and dyed my original hair and its made me stress
Its not easy do anything by my self.


The result after i dyed my hair by my self
its look like different or now? Nobody know i already change my color hair even my parents!

I feel my hair color change to be orange and more dark than before!
But for some part its not going well like my dark hair its not going to well , its change to be brown but yeah i think it will be orange

Short word the roots of my hair brown and the rest which i bleach before at salon going dyed very well
So for my opinion this hair color will going well if you bleach you hair first!

I dont know its my fault or not because i still have some ‘black hair’
i will dyed for second time , and i will wait for the result

If i still have some ‘black hair’  next time if i have product like this maybe i bleaching my hair before and color my hair with this kind of hair color. Because color not going so well without bleach for my personal opinion



Anyway tomorrow i get


I hope everything going okay , my medical check up result be okay laaa…
Why i get medical check up?
Yeah for my school at shanghai , i will going to shanghai next year and i must have medical check up before i go. Good luck for me!



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