Before i start the topi i  will blogging i want to say


I already walk with you all at least 6 years , watching what you done , and what
happen right now , sad of coruse because right now TVXQ / DBSK dont have 5 memberbecause law what they do , but i still love them , with TVXQ and JYJ and i proud i ever
done to be part of them , as Cassie i proud

Even now many boy band / girl band have good potential but for me DBSK is still number one
and nobody can replace them in my heart. For me they still king from east what actually mean
for they name.


Okay just like that my blog about 9th anniversary i dont want talk to much i scary if i will
cried like last night i cried when i looking many tweet about DBSK 9th anniversary

Time past so fast sometimes i never realize if already 9th their debut
and now they like now , i dont know how to explain even im sad but i still proud of them

Okay forget about DBSK , and forget how sad i am because of them last night
im not lie i cried last night sound crazy right? So just forget about that now i will talk about tea


3 of i cant forget to drink everyday , if i forget i will feel so weird . I must drink
tea , coffee and milk at least one cup everyday its like habit for me.

But now just talk about tea , no coffee no milk


Tea its good for health , because that chinese people drink almost everyday tea
and if you visit some chinese restaurant they will sever you tea no water.
(okay sorry for my messy room)

What i now , i search at Google benefit tea and its what i get.

Green tea can protect you from prostate cancer , breast cancer , lung cancer  because tea have antioxidants eppigaliocatechin golate which can inhibit cancer growth.

Beside that tea can increase metabolism body , made you more relax , adding anti-bacterial 5 times more than person dont drink tea , and the most i like its tea can reduce stress



So many benefits of tea so why not start drinking tea starting today?



My favorite tea of course dilmah , english breakfast tea its god if you want try but if you dont like taste to much strong you can try peach one , i  love the peach one , so sweet if you adding little sugar.


Always drink tea with my favorite mug , Smile Angel



According to my experience dilmah its the most tea i like , never get boring drink dilmah tea because
they many taste of tea , and almost dilmah tea taste its pretty good , the last i buy its dilmah papermint
its so hard to describe how the taste , but if you like papermint you will like , because you can smell
papermint so strong , the taste for me its pretty good!



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