Lunch On Xmast Day

Like my promise before i will post what i done , what i do on xmast day not much
actually…. hmmmm its much okay…

Since its much i will post one by one , and now just post my dinner round one at xmast day
Since i have round two on bucks , okay just forget how like i to eat but yeah i really like to
eat no wonder my weight never on ideal type (piuh….)


Holly think when i pick up my friend at her home ah… rain fall so fantastic and what happen with her? Her house was flooded yeah because of rain , i must waiting in front of her house on car and looking how
terrible bandung when rain fall

Because im boring , yeah like what i said usually boring time its mean , camwhore time! Even with or
without camera , but because its xmast day i bring my camera!


I can see flood… car and motorcycle go so slowly they so be careful.
Im waiting not long time , but yeah its not short time too but i have some
good candid picture i think just like that



Random picture , i dont know what suppose to action ahaha try some new pose



And after rain sun come , not so bright but its okay to go and now i pick one of my friend again
They craving for eat! Actually before i go i already eat before , so i dont feel i want eat so much
But since they want eat okay , lets eat

We choice one ramen shop , Daiji Ramen at Ciwak. Its one of my favorite place for eat at Ciwak
Taste pretty good but what most favorite i want its Okonimi Ramen already sold out so i
order some ramen


Meal we order , its look like pretty good right? Yeah im sure its pretty good
I will suggest this one if you go to ciwalk Daiji Ramen. Its hot so its good to
eat with this weather , cold one.

One me ever try this place , my two friend never ever to eat here
but they said too its pretty good for warm body and taste yeah good too!

Sad think its many vegetable i dont like , so i have hard time for pick vegetable and nodle!



For drink i choice Milo Gozila its supper big , with ice cream
so i share with my friend but the taste its good! Ahahaha since
my friend tell its good!


Okay i will introduce my friend name its called Jotha
She is my high school friend , but mostly i know her since twitter born
Thx twitter for all you done with my life

Before she order she ask me something stupid question
“Is that a coffee?”

I dont know she like or hate or she just dont drink coffee
i never see her drink or eat with coffee from cake to real coffee

But its not milo? I order milo one!
Why she asked me “Is that a coffee”

Since when milo mix with coffee , if it have i wonder how taste!


And after drink for a while we mess up the milo gozila


My friend Jotha always asking me to stop bully her!
Yeah what i done for her its bully! But i never bully her at all!

I just like to joke with her , because she super funny!

Yeah the dinner time we spent together with many laugh , smile , story and most bully jotha!



Selca me with Jotha
Friend always said i bully her! Never bully her!


And now group picture… I just wonder where my picture with Jea?




We know how to act camera with little edit result its wondefull!


Bracelet i use , that day my themes its blue and dark


Random picture , take selca like artist hollywood with paparazi ahahaha
I called this one kwanghee style because on wgm he like to taking picture like this one

Maybe i have 5 or more picture like this but only one i think its not bad , all the rest its bad!


“Stop talking my picture”


Its funny looking her pose like this one , in fact she always funny!
This one its super funny and rare yeah she my treasure friend

My xmast day not done like  this. Only lunch dinner i still have lunch dinner but i feel so lazy
to edit picture , i must get my mood before , so please wait until that post come!
Cee U



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