Start The Day On 2013 With…

Before what i want to say about my post this one i wanna say


I really hope 2013 will be amazing years , and many people will be happy in this year
like in 2012 Dragon years and yeah im glad its still have 2013!

What you doing on new years eve? I hope you happy…
But maybe you  must be spent your time with watching fire work ,spent time with your beloved person , party and something kind of that think.

Me too! Im dinner with my family. The suck think i bring my camera and forget
my memory card! So i cant take any picture! Ergh….

Why you have picture now?Because i buy new memory card which super not expensive
okay can la call cheaps only around 5 dollar for 4GB cheap laaa…

So thats why i get a picture , not many… and for some info i dont like fee so camwhore that night

Started a new year eve with hang out with my friend at PVJ
but we never do to much here only dinner , chit chat on Bucks and walking
around because kind of PVJ will close more early than before , so we decide
to moving out from PVJ




Holding hands together trying to be sweet couple!



But even its new year even PVJ still have many people


Where we moving out?

Actually its not our first list destination and some how we get here
and just spent a whole night here.

Yeah we go to Kampung Gajah , which is the famous place for spent time together
with whole family usually. But because they have some event the condition its not same
like usually. I dont never imagine i will be spent new year eve with clubbing at venue.

Yeah Kampung Gajah held some party , big party , support buy one of famous cigarette
whole world , and for somehow i forget the name. Super sorry

A title this party its Old and New Wonderland

Its look like cool right? Yeah the venue , they wire work i must said its supper cool!
I like their party , its wonder full but for some reason i dont enjoy the party at all

We must spent around 10 dollar for get in each person. The price
its not expensive since its new years eve party.

I get some picture with me and my friend outside venue
after in , condition its super messy i cant proper take a picture or thinking what…


Actually we both its not sure for go in and buy ticket but after i said
“If we left where we want spent new eye eve since new years even only around 45 minute?”
So Jea said call and we both buy ticket




You must be curious , okay if you dont curious i dont care but i still
wanna tell you why i dont feel so uncomfortable because we go at venue with strange peopleactually not so strange , i know them , they know me but we not so close

And second think i really dont enjoy my self clubbing , i more like drinking than
dancing on floor , but that night i spent my time with dancing because i dont drink at all!


Because i drive! I promise to my self if i drive i dont want to drink , i must dont drink at all
I scary to die young so at least  i must protect my self so much better



I realize something maybe its not only me who feel like that.
After looking around at venue i think some people feel what i feel

Its my personal comment….

On place like this one , Club or something else they have 3 big group

1,Person who really enjoy the party

2. Person who pretending enjoy the party (like me) but in the end that person not feel so happy

3.Person who only to know how party work and only watching without do anythinng

Yeah i see a few a person like that , always at club
So yeah you must start to decide which group you are?


Reason why we go to here because my friend too Jul , who already stay at Kampung Gajah first
Its not hard meet her and we decide to take some group picture




Look i dont have many picture right?
And i dont even have some selca of me , just group picture or with Jea
because i dont feel so good here! Kekekeke

The last its my picture of my friend i take for them because they want me to take picture







Somehow when i go to venue i miss my beloved friend Jotha


If she read this one , i miss him i bet she will immediately contact me
and tell how she so good for me , she will be proud of that. Yeah she must be proud
Like i said before i really have treasure friend its her! Okay i miss her on party like stupid!

Just imagine if her go to clubbing like what??Shock? Mental breakdown? Happy? Or what…?

I will be find out when that happend



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