Big Hot Dog

Few days ago we , me jea , jotha , and julia we hang out together.
Its first time for us , four of us hang out together. Usually only me
jea and jotha , without julia and know with julian.. and like J3N1 called like that
so funny ahahaha like B1A4 one of kpop boy band. But yeah its our initials name of four us. Because that i feel super messy when i must called name one of them so confuse for me.

Firs of all our plan like this go to harvest eat some cake because jotha always complain to me to go
to harvest , so okay la we go to harvest first because one way to Takigawa , place Jotha one to

So that day you can call its like i accompany jotha to know what bandung have to have fun
Even we already eat before at harvest we still feel hungry after eat at Takigawa , i will post
latter about Takigawa , you can call it like review…

Actually after go from takigawa we should go to nasi kalong , what jotha want too
but i want some bucks before , so we go to buck at one of oldest mall at bandung BIP

After sit for a while at bucks , we chit chat , we change our destination we suppose to
go to nasi kalong right? But we change to Aston hotel at Braga eat big burger , big hot dog , and they
have something like meat tower with cheap price.

Julia friend already at there before , super honestly hahaha its not julia friend anymore. Only julia? Of course not laa , i know some of them , we even hang out one eum.. or maybe two time before i forget

But like said i before i super honest now ahahaha i feel so strange with them , i even no say hi to them

Should i ?

NO laaaa

Since they even dont have good imagine for me , i dont know why i dont like them all
I dont mean i hate them , but i think they manner almost of them its man and their manner is


For some info i really hate man without manner , if you still boy okay la its not problem
but they already man , at least they age already 20 and more , but they really dont like man


Okay la… Just forget about them , we really together at that time , i mean our dining table
side by side but i dont chit chat with them , since i dont say hi to them why i must chit
chat with them right?

We choice for try big hot dog , and yeah its really huge maybe because that it take little more time
so while we wait , we taking some picture , and im going crazy for selca buakakakakak


Picture get supper well because Jea , thx Jea! Ahahaha you really a good photographer

And now my selca KEKEKE




Couple picture



Now the huge of hot dog , okay its really huge
i just wonder if i can eat all but yeah we eat all

Okay we share laaa , since our neighbor wanna try our hot dog
they choice big hamburger , okay la im regret because we dont ask to try hamburger
since they try our hot dog!




Jea shock when try sauce from hot dog , she try mustard one (sorry if i wrong to write)
and she really wanna throw up because the strange of taste , she really do hard for take
the mustard from hot dog

For me i really trying hard to eat this hot dog.
Why?Because our “beloved neighbor” said some dirty joke made me wanna throw up

Maybe for they its funny , but for me its revolting. Jotha wanna angry
because what they said but i said okay laaa , just forget about that and
lest eat with peace… Its  not much better but at least i dont wanna sea war
again in front of my eyes , war its just made me freaking tired

But i little regret why i dont crushing them after what they do , because i really
hard to eat hot dog , the taste its really good but because them i really lazy to eat

After ocme back home , i cant sleep at all , im freaking hungry , like usually my mom
hungry too so we together eat peanut and rambutan ahahahah





After hard time past FINISH!


Because them i really have hard time for eat good thing like this
I really dont like them at all!

Just curious if one of them read my blog , and know i dont like them at all what they do? What they think? Honestly i dont scary if they hate me or dont like me too , since maybe they even dont know
what its blog and how to open blog. Second think its i really dont know they so well so i dont care so much since too i am happy and enjoy my life without them super well.

After editing some picture about think one i realize something i dont have picture together with
Julia , i only have picture with Jea and Jotha just wonder why? Because we to busy to chit chat or what?
Dont know


If you want try like i eat , yeah its realy good since its not expensive if you share with 4 people like me
you only spent 2 dollar each person. Taste really good too…

You can visit Aston Hotel at Braga Bandung
go to Loby one and turn to right at that place you can order what i order



Bonus picture





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