If you keep watching my social media you must be know right now i feel unwell


Dont know to explain very well  , but even that i still want to explain as well as i can
Tuesday on 30 January 2013 i get some bad news from my friend , one my friend die because
accident at Jakarta. When i read the news first of think i just think is just hoax how can like that

The fact i cant believe is because on monday 1 day before i get the bad news i still tweet with her

She ask about why i almost 4 day go to starbucks , it that true i really like starbucks product?


I currently like someone who working on one of starbucks in bandung , because that stupid person
i 4 strike go to starbucks and chit chat at there , and its take time so long time


Cause she my one of close friend , even i still dont tell her she know if i go statbucks because i
like someone there , and yeah… i ask some help to her , i really need advice now

“Pretending fall and when he help me asking for some private question”

Its not exactly what she said but its close like that , and convertation going more private , i ask her to
talk on whatsapp , since im to shy to talk about person i like on public like twitter. She promise to me to
help me , but first of all she must looking him first. I said okay! When she come back to bandung
i will take her to looking person i like but its just promise and will be promise forever

Because the day after that she leave me forever without any good bye session or what
she leave me with say nothing and made me hurt so badly

The last time i meet her at starbucks , we not talk to much because that time she with her friend
who i dont know , and she talk she want to made some paper with her friend so we just talk short time , and before she come back to her friend she ask to taking a picture with me




Without anything filter just like that , so ugly…

Is the last time i meet her and the last time i taking a picture with her
I never ever to do something like that anymore

About our history , how we can be friend? Since when we can be friend… I will tell you all

I know her since im first grade on high school , but im not close with her. We have different class
when im first grade , so we dont so close , but i know her since my friend introduce me to her. But in
second grade situation change , we go in same class , and because that we getting more close

Me , Sam and Kenjen always together. If you already watching 3 idiot , yeah you can see us like that
we really stupid , ahh no stupid more right its we super lazy , we hate math , we hate school , and we really like playing. We really same , because we same we close so fast and we get many memories.

My last years on high school its really have big impress for me , we always playing together at least 5 days on one week they came to my house , for playing or making some paper. We really have many memories together.

And now she leave us…

Im really sad and still cant believe that will happen but since i really have many memories when someone leave me before , i know i will be okay someday. i will said thanks to her already leave me , because she alreadytell something immportant to me when she leave me. But now im not okay , im still sad but somedayi will be happy i will said thanks to her to already leave me because many reason



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