When Dragon Become Fat…

Can you imagine dragon being fat?

I think it will be cute enough , when see how charismatic dragon and being super cute
because dragon being fat? And he/she need diet as soon as possible

Why i talking about dragon?

Why i talking dragon being fat?

For you who dont know (i know you never dont know since i dont tell you)
Tomorrow its CNY its means tomorrow its snake year and today its last time
on dragon time , and tomorrow its snake year time

Bless for you all dear!!!!

Reason why i talking about fat dragon few week ago (i dont know its really already long time ago)
I with my friend try one of restaurant its called


When read name of that restaurant what i think , when dragon being fat it must cute enough!


Actually why we try because we have some coupon to eat free porridge all you can eat
So why not we not try? Since its more close to validity period of the coupon


I will suggest you to come here if you really like porridge but if you dont like , if you free
coupon like me go laa… since its free right?

This place is super deserted only me and few my friend , jea and julian . And one
big family other that , only have staff , its super deserted since this place is big enough


You can see the view of family super small aaa with big place like this… porridge its free
But not drinking , so we order hot tea and some other food



Hakau its jea who order that one , i dont try , i dont feel wanna eat hakau that time.
Beside hakau its my order , mantau and chicken barefoot (sorry i dont know how to call that one)


Its not bad , price its not super expensive too , they have same price like other place who
sell food like this one. If you order mantau they will give you condensed milk too
but i dont try mantau with condensed milk , i only eat mantau like usually without nathing
plan but its best.

How about porridge?


Look how my porridge… i dont really like porridge actually so i dont really enjoy eat porridgei only eat dumplings you can see how much dumplings i get , and dumpling its free you can
eat as you can and its really good super intricate

Lets enjoy our porridge!


Julia really know how to eat porridge here , since she more often than us come here for eating porridge , its my friend time for me , but i dont know for jea its first time or no


Still busy playing with blackberry T_T


Me laaa small of porridge already enough for me , dont want to eat porridge anymore!!!!


After a few minutes we clean up all the think , ahahah not super fast , but enough fast
since we little hungry and yeah we busy with chit chat with other

And some selca timeeee


Try to smile even with porridge , who i dont really like







And with julia ahahaha


When we finish , they give us another coupon again. Julia and Jea argue who get that coupon
since i say no because i dont really like porridge , so they split up that coupon its 10 and 5 each other


Coupon i dont want , take picture before coupon leave me , or i leave them?


After all if you like porridge like i said before you can come to here , if dont like
just come and dont eat porridge eat other food , because for me other food its not bad too

Service from staff its not bad but i cant said its good too , its normal
but i dont have good memory eat here


Fat Dragon
Setiabudi 376 bandung , indonesia



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