Orange Hair

After graduate as a shinhwa changjoo i really freaking out with orange color since being their fans i realize if orange color its freaking cute and for snake year my lucky color one of them its orange , so i more love orange and


From last post i post , you maybe think my hair already different from before , yeapsss
i get some extension hair with orange and blonde color


I realize something my true hair its not orange again… its more like blonde now
i think my hair color already change , disappointed of course!

And its made me to final choice to go to salon again for made my hair orange again like
orange fruit ahahahaha

I choice one day before CNY to change my hair , get some extension hair , orang hair and blonde color with same time ahahaha i get really more time sit on salon and its little boring , but im glad
i go to salon with my friend so its not boring to much !

Anyway who celebrate CNY happy CNY to all!

I celebrate CNY as well , even this CNY its different than last year CNY but im fell super glad
i still can have good time on CNY with my grandmother and other my family member



Look my hair , its more orange my hair extension than my hair but its more good
than now , since now my hair its not orange anymore!


Do Aegyo for you all

“Buing…buing… angpao na lai???”


Honestly i more love this hair style , its super fresh , but it think i more mature
with this kind of hair style , and actually i get some trouble to cut my bangs or no , but in the
end i cant cut my bangs since with this hair style i more look mature and sexy?

Okay please forget about sexy one , just think i more mature with this hair style

More selca with new hair style!




Bad pose!


Just curious with your life now? How about you life? I hope your life its good and you
have good memories with your life…

My life now (if you want to know)
Im happy , very happy!

I realize my self im still normal (thx God for this) since im curious with my self because i dont even care with man anymore , i dont interest with any kind of man , what i think its i dont need a man for rest of my life since no man i can trust in this world its what i believe maybe after 3 years i believe like that


I like someone , ahahaha , i dont can imagine i can like someone like that , he not handsome enough , since my friend always ask me why you like him , he not handsome and he only ba***a (UPS)


Ahahahaha laugh as you can , but if you have same experience with me you maybe know what mean. Im glad i realize i still like man , even i like him only 4 days? Sound crazy right? Its maybe i dont really like him because i can like other man before  (love one side) for few years , but now only 4 days! wkwkwkwk

From i know he already have girlfriend , and its made me dont like him again , why i must like someone who already have girlfriend? I dont want to destroys him relationsip , im not type girl like that!

So yeah even my love still love or like by one side but i really want to say thank to him (and i think he know , just maybe) because he already made me realize im still like man , and when im like man im feel super weak , i cant even control my self better even i already tell many times to my self dont fall in love with man anymore since no man can you trust

But i cant do it , i must agree human its weak , especially when he/she falling in love , if you dont agree with me , let time prove to you




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