First Meal On 2013

Really crazy talk about my first mean on 2013 after 1 month? ahahah super really sorry because my post super late dont know why i post super late about this one , but let me post laa….

If you read my post what i do on new years eve with full regret , i want something new on 2013

At least something i want , do without regret laaa…
I feel super hungry when i waking up , i remember that day Jea stay with me and both us
wake up really late , maybe 12.00 we wake up together and we hungry together so
we decide to go out and eat some good meal for first think we eat on 2013

I suggest domino pizza , wanna domino pizza super badly lorrr


Craving this one… so we decide to go to domino and eat there… And its super delicious!
The best time you eat when it still hot!


We dont want to eat until cold , we want eat when its hot because when pizza still hot its
super delicious and yeah we really feel super hungry so we decide to eat as soon as posible!


No only me who have hard time eat pizza , Jea to but we really have good time together!


Order one full of pizza and its really good but we cant eat all , we left only one
already full , but in the end Jea eat all the rest because she said we must remember
how africa people hard to eat , we must eat very well and fell bless for that


Drink some coke larr and more selca when wait for pizza









In the end Jea do selca by my handphone and i get some candid how she pose with my handphone


In short world we spent first day on 2013 together , like a crazy couple , we really
have many many good time together , i really happy eat domino in first day on 2013

First day on 2013 with good food its must!
Maybe it can made 2013 be good too!




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