Actually its old place , i mean they already open their shop maybe already 1 years? Or will
be 1 years they open their shop , and now i want try to eat their , since im feel hungry and only
this place i see good and i feel i want try this one



Before i go here few month before i ask to my friend who already come here first at here , what their sale? Their sale some japanesse food what i think when its talk about japan restaurant its about sushi

I dont eat sushi very well , specially raw sushi uh.. i cant eat!
But now i eat sushi very well , my older sister guide me to eat sushi which one good
and which one no good , and now i can eat sushi very well , no raw sushi laa !

Come back to my friend again , she said Gocchi its good , price its good to , but their serve its not good
they need more time for server food  , so i think its okay lah for try even i cant doubt about service

Atmosphere its really good , they have two floor and i decide to eat on second floor lets see their atmosphere , first its second floor


They have some open kitchen because they sell some teppan , and its sound popular here


My deep sorry for the hands , actually i dont know i capture hands in this picture , realize when
i edit this picture , and i think its my mom hands

Now second floor






For my comment atmosphere its good , they have some smoking area too , but i dont have the picture
smoking area section but i think its pretty cozy for hang out with friend , family , or lover


My mom really playing her blacberry very well , she even ignore me!



After few minute she realize i take her picture when she playing her blackberry ahahaha




I really love this drink mojito , and i think its really good , taste its really fresh , and price around 30rupiah maybefor one big glass , they sale for one person only or more with different price , but i really like this taste of mojito not really strong , fresh and its good to drink when summer

And lets see what i order , i order one set meal , which mean rice , meat , vegetable and soup


Its really look good!


For my honest opinion its good , only the meat good ahahaha the vegetable taste i dotn know how to explain its weird , its more tasteless? Or what i dont know how to describe

Since its weird taste for me , i only taste one time and give up , i only eat the meat and its good!




Some sauce they give to me , i dont know which one i must try , so i jut let them



She ask to me why i dont eat all , because taste its weird , and i suggest her to try again , yeah she
agree with me taste really weird and i dont suggest you to buy! But if you soup mania maybe you should try


When i come here service its good , their sever food okay , i dotn need to wait for a long time
like my friend said , maybe because they dont have many guest or what la

Good think they give me voucher for ask me to come back next time with discount!



About price , i think its little expensive for me , with same taste like other place but price same
i think its little expensive but i want be honesty i really love with mojito!

Random picture of that day


Some selca with mom!


I dont knwo what her do , ahaha maybe take something i forget about that




They have angpao tree since maybe its CNY time , ahahaha pose with CNY before leave!

If you interesting come here this their adress
Burangrang Street  No. 5, Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia



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