When Journey Begin….

Maybe i already said before this year i will go to Shanghai for study China , and now im already at China
Its great and im super bless i have chance to try live here at least for one years. Honestly for first
and second day , i feel i wanna go home so badly , stay at here i feel super not comfortable i dont know
anything , i dont have friend , after all im alone. But many times i said to my self its what i want so i must do

after 3 day now i come to shanghai its 25 Feb and now its 1 March and i feel super cozy here , i like all
at least i try to like all , but i still more love my country , specially my city , which mean at bandung i have
good friend stay at their , parents of course , and my whole family stay at there its really good place!

Shanghai weather ahhh its super cool! I need more sun!

Feel like wanna die everyday because of weather , beside that i eat very well , i dont eat chinesse food here
because its to many oil , i mostly eat chicken ahahaha its what i can eat right now , and i like!

Already stay for few day i think Shanghai its not bad like i think before , people at here so friendly they really helpfull for foreign like me , even they wanted to help me when i need help but yeah in short world
i still can resolve all because language , they cant talk english very well so yeah you know what i mean…

Many think will chance when im stay at here , mostly my picture , i using different program for editing picture now , so maybe the result not same like before , maybe more bad or good but i hope it will be very well.







few from my windows room its nice right!?!!

I stay at Sisu Guesthouse for 4 month? Actually its 150 days. I feel more comfortable right now , it what i must
feel at least like that. Its near from train station , not near at least you must walk 5 minute?

Yeah i want to say maybe i dont really blogging very well i must blogging very well of course , but i think i cant do it. I maybe dont review too much about make up , i more review place for eat , some cafe , etc like living good at shanghai , what you must do and what you must stooping doing here

Some update from my personal life , i go here with my group , i have few friend here but i dont really feel wanna going very well with them , dont know im feel im anti social right now coz i more like stay at home or go
hang out alone without friend , even go alone im feel super comfortable is weird?

And after stay at here for few day here , i never using make up!

Dont know why super lazy to make up my self , and now my face like HOW THE FUCK!



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