[Review] NYX soft matte lip cream

I really forget what my last review , maybe already take many time , since i dont review so much ahahaha
super sorry about that , honesty i really have many think i want to review but for one and second think
dunno why i dont post ahahaha so lets me have chance for property blog

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

Maybe sound not strange since nyx most of country have this brand and some country this brand is kind of
drug store product but not in my country Indonesia , my drug store product dont have NYX as list


For honestly its my first time i buy NYX product , i never buy nyx product before someone suggest me to
buy NYX since its not too much expensive and yeah she right its not much expensive same level like revlon

This one its NYX soft matte lip cream , of course this lip cream its with matte color and what i buy its
red color , why i buy the red one? Because the red on of this product its for my super honest
opinion its awesome , like i want! Red as blod ahahaha



If you want have something like sexy lips with red lips i really want you to buy this one , its matte
and its perfect for lip red like someone already bite you lips or something like that

I dont know if someone call me creepy because describe like that but for me its really perfect describe!when i want tell everybody someone already bit my lips so hard i will using this one

So sexy lorrrr


The stick for your lips , its normal like other brand , i dont feel special expect the color of this
is freaking awesome for red color , not too much !

Maybe some of you have same experience like me wanna red lips sexy as possible but get a wrong red
because it too red. I ever have something experience like that before , but now not i think i alreadymeet the red one who match with me , not too red but not too pink too!


I try to my hand its really like that , Red but not too much and this matte one , if you want
more glossy sometimes i using lip gloss who can give me more glossy lips but i prefer to
like this

And lets see the result on my lips



Its good right!?!! I really love this one ahahaha so much. I dont meet any minus think in this product since
maybe its just only lips gloss! Dont know ahahaha

Good think about this product in short comment , its looking good for me , red color i like , price its not expensive its around 8US , easy to get you just come to Sogo or Metro if you live in Indonesia if you live in other country i think this product its easy too to get just come to drug store.



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