Something You Cant Buy

Many think can you buy this time in kind world like this EVERYTHING you can buy.
Status , boyfriend , girlfriend , popular , and many think again. But i think some
of think you cant buy one of them is TRUST and Friendship.

Im super glad , even im super super ordinary girl , im not beauty
im not really smart , im not rich buy i have SUPER FRIEND
which made me feel SUPER GLAD

They are true friend i get , i dont want have many friend , i think i just one few friend and few friend its them

Since im leave them in my city and go for study alone in shanghai , i more know how mean them for
me , i really feel bless because i have them! They not perfect like me , they kind of weird friend

But i never shy or upset with them because they weird , because im weird to! Im not a normal girl!



Yeap i think if you like to read my blog before , i really often to post picture of them
Yeah mostly i hang out with them , my girl , my best friend , my everything.

Okay i will explain before , and introduce all my best friend , something i dont lost

First it our sibling!


Jea bossy with orange clothes and my real best friend Julia with… green clothes i think!

First of all im not Jea friend , she is julia younger sister witch mean my friend. Okay first let me explain
I  know Jul since im junior high school until now , and we became really close friend , which made me know
a whole member of her family. I Know her parent so well , of course her younger sister , and many more.
And my relationship with her family its super good so because that im often to hang out not only with
Jul , so yeah that why actually why i can became a friend with Jea because she is my best friend younger
sister , more than that i really hate Jea!


Ps: Why we called Jea bossy its name from Jul not me! Because she like to ask us doing something!



Last not least its NEMO aka Jotha!

We because a friend maybe… when im 17 years old which mean 3 years ago. I know her actually more than
time , because we in school in same school , i just know her but i never ever hang out with her when we school

And yeah when im out from school , i know her from social media called Twitter.
Its not special meet her as friend , she always mad me crazy because she kind of
type girl… eum… okay lah forget it but yeah she crazy !

For honestly i forget why i can became her friend , im totally forget! How we start our relationship
When im ask her , she forget too! But yeah i forget how we start our relationship but we start because


We really like super junior , and many more about kpop. So maybe starting from that point we start chat and sharing some info about them , yeaps thx for super junior already bring my one good friend to my life

Yeaps that all my introduce to you all about my close friend , i dont think you will interest or not , but even you
dont interest in fact im post this one. My relationship believe it or no , i never ever fight with them at all!

We know each other very well , we not kind type girl will betray friend for man or something not
important like that. We know each other very well , even i doubt if Jul and Jea know Jotha very well
because yeah , who made them know each other its me , and i can said its new they know each other
but i hope they can being good friend! Since for me they are my really good friend




Living far away from them , made me know how bless i am have good friend like them

They are friend who will with me in good time or bad time

Friend who never ever leave me even im doing crazy think or even embarrassing.

Friend who know which part im lack and they will help me even im dont asking them

Friend always looking for me , even im living far away with them

Person who know me so well , even i dont said anything they know how to treat me

I Dont know what i must to say again i really happy became their friend because honestly
im lack in may think , maybe sometimes they embarrassing with me but even like that
they always beside me







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