[Review] Borghese Body and Face Mask

I dont know if some of you know Borghese or no , in asia i think its not too much popular
but in west i think its popular so many review about this one from some western bloger
but now as asia bloger (is that important to say? not sure lorrr) i will review


Maybe some of you if you searching in internet borghese you see its bigger one
and what i have its small one , i dont know why i have small one but i have bigger one too.

The reason why i buy this brand because i looking at youtube someone using this one and
she suggest to try this one , so yeah because her i try i supposed to buy buy bigger one but
when im first come to Shanghai i dont get it , i just get like this in unofficial shop. So because
i really want this so badly i buy this one and its little expensive i think almoust 300 rengmingpi for
small one and second time i buy the biggest one is 3 times more than this only 500 rengmingpi!
I really hate my self why i dont wait it , but because they different product i stil can calm my self!

So here we can see more close


Fango Ristorativo for what i have they have 2 different smell i think the one i looking inofficial shop its pink one i dont know the name , but more cheap when i asking why
they said because the pink one dont have scrub or something like that and this one
its more favorite and popular than unknow pink one so i buy this one


The texture is thick they dont give anything , like spatula or something
so first time i using hand to apply but now i already buy spatula so i using spatula


This one when i apply on my face , i really like the cool sensation they give to my face
its good sensation i think! So thick but i like it so much!



I really like the cool sensation i get when im using this mask and smell its not bad too
they have some special smell i think!



The result without wearing any make up!

I really like when im washing mask , its feel cool , fresh and clean in same time.
I really like this mask so much!

But even its good i really have some bad think about this product its expensive enough i think.
Hard to get! I never ever looking something like this in Indonesia , Singapore , or Malaysia i dont
know if they have right now but from i know Borghese only have store in few country

Actually its not important think , but i must said i dont like packaging of this
is glass heavy and they something i dont know the name the lock part for open
bottle or something like that you can see in my picture sometimes i have some
trouble to open that want , so hard to open!

Even have some bad think about this think ,i really like this one and i suggest you to try
if you dont doubt about price! Its really good product!




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