20 Hope.Dream.Fight

Finally! Im finish my exam today! And what… im getting stress full about result!
Its horrible! I even dont want to know my score! One i sure its pretty good its oral testrest of that ,
im really sure its bad!

Beside exam , tomorrow im still have a class. Weekend still have class even its monday!
I dont know if you have something like this , but in Indonesia we dont have class on weekend
okaylah when im high school i have class on saturday but not in monday! Here i have it!

Its called Make Up Class

I dont have any idea how can we go to class everyday you can said to me its my first time
i go to class everyday , plus exam! Okay its really really a long long day!

Okay just forget about my sad story about my class , study it will be super boring!

I just wanna tell you i already 20 years old!

Just wonder i already past so many years 20 years old! Not younger anymore LOL!
But im not older too!

Being 20 years old its a lot of meaning for me. I get many thing for all people around me
Family , best friend , friend , strange person and many more i get all for made me more good!
Im blessed for all i get after 20 years old. So i really wanna said thx for all people around me!

This year i past my birth day alone , i mean im leaving in China alone LOL! So which mean my birth day i spent ALONE too!
But yeah… im not alone i think my friend made some surprise party for me



Get this one in midnight! Kekeke its octopus!
She said she give me octopus cake because i like octopus. But yeah leaving here , i being
crazy with octopus i really like octopus so much more than before!

She ask few friend to made some surprise party and im freaking shock! Its 24.00 and im
already sleep because im freakign tired and someone knock my door like crazy.. The sing some birth
day song for me , im blow the candle… But dont sure how my face that time. Because im not full wake up!

We taking a picture , they made some fun to me , Park any yeah bla bla bla
Its fun for them. Until my neighbor angry to us because we to loudly laugh!
Im dont laugh im just “MONG” dont know what i must do , speak and anything!

So when im see the result picture when im come out from my room. I DONT WANT TO SEE!
Seriously im super ugly in that picture , and my friend just laugh because my face too much “mong”

So here my picture with my friend Hany who buy me this cake and made surprise party for me!





Get a kiss from Hanny! Thx nyettt!!!

Honestly this picture i take 15 April. Why i only upload this one because im look good
The day before im look so bad , ugly uh.. dont want to upload that one! But seriously i really thx
to all my friend , because i dont speak anything when they surprise me im to shock , and to sleepy

So i dont have any idea what i should do or said. Super sorry about that one!

My time




Cake its pretty good , they have pudding inside a cake , the price its good too
I like this cake so much! Kekeke




This how look my octopus die!

Thats all my 20 years surprise party , and i will made some small party and invite my best friend
when im already come back to Indonesia. Like late birth day party maybe or something like that.

But what i do in Shanghai and all i dont want regret , and im happy about all. All thing happen to me
because reason , and i hope in this years i can get more and more experience



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