[Review] Innisfree Nail Polish Number 45


Its my first time i buy nail polish from innisfree since innisfree look more popular than other korean
make up product here in Shanghai. So i buy some nail polish with different color and i will review one by one

This time its innisfree nail polish number 45. I dont know what called for this color. But the color when i see in
display is pretty good. Its look brown but with glitter and i think its kinda like ‘warm color’ who describe much more about spring. So yeah i kinda interensting with this color and i buy it!




Honestly i little disappointed with this one , because the color not like a display when i apply  by my self
the color really light (the color at display more dark) so if i want look more same like in display i see
i must apply maybe like 3 or 4 times maybe? Usually i just apply 2 times is enough if i want more
dark color but now 3 until 4 or 5 times!


More close!


Even i already apply for many times i still feel is too light or soft maybe , i can say like that
i dont feel like it . I dont like kind of soft color i more ligh bright and deep color.

But the good think about this nail polish , is dry quickly more quickly than other polish i have try before
like etude , skin food , or etc! And i like how nail polish can dry quickly so i can do anything else!

So lets check color in botol and after i apply on my nail!




When i apply the color more soft dont like the color on botol right. So its no problem , im just dont like
because the color its soft , its about taste i think! But if you like some soft color like this i really suggest you to buy something like this one. And the price its around 20 or 30 rengmingpi. I forget the exactly how much
but around that prince its not expensive i think , its so so!

Okay that all my review about innisfree nail polish , and i will come back with other review
or video maybe. I still will review some nail polish from innisfree because i get some color too!
So see you next time byeee….



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