Camera Sick!

It really have been a long long time i dont post anything in my blog. Why? First maybe because i busy with my life , hang out with friend no one else i can do with that , coz its holiday so i more spent my time with my friend lorr , super sorry.

So what i doing now , i will update my life for a while , of course like i do HOLIDAY! Envy lorr!!?! Ahahaha… I just hang out with my friend , we hang out together , create good memories together before i leave again! (If you stalker me on instagram you must be know , everyday i hang out with friend , taking picture upload instagram kekeke )Huh! Dont wanna leave actually , but somehow i really miss Shanghai so much! Live in Shanghai , eum.. somehow made me feel more relax thank living here. Dont know why lorrr!!

Second reason its because my camera sick! Its happen suddenly , i dont know now why that can happen!


Its my samsung camera , its broken before 1 years , i know its maybe can repair , but its take more time , maybe like 1 month or 2 month. Super sad lorr! I really love this camera so much , i like this camera because of the lcd can flip , and the result its really good like SLR camera , and and… its not heavy!

I dont like bring my SLR camera everywhere i go , i prefer bring this everywhere i go. Plus this camera have wifi , even i dont really sure you like using wifi one your camera but me , i dont using that one very often only one or two times , but im sure right now many camera have wifi specially from samsung.  And right now its broken and i feel like the part of me missing coz i never forget (almost) to bring this camera! Im enough camwhore lorr! My friend like this camera too , like me. Uh for camewhore like me i think the best camera its camera pocket with lcd which can flip!



So the problem of my camera its zoom part , so its cant close or open ( how to despcribe this one i dont sure) so its short word i must go to service center , but dont know why i feel freaking lazy to go to service center , because its far , and i pretty sure i must waiting for long – long time , because i never see service center empty before!

But i promise to my self this monday i will come to service center , and look what happen with my camera , i hope my camera can fix as soon as possible , if cant fix i really dont know what should i do! Buy new one , its not easy lorr!





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