Orange Hair Color!

I never ever let my hair black , dont know why , if i do that i feel lost confident. I always think black hair never match with me or somehow i have feel like that so thats the reason i always coloring my hair even i know its not good if you always to do that.

So far my hair color always like blonde  , ash blonde , or orange. Yeah i do coloring my hair orange too , for some reason im falling in love with orang color. But yeah i have my favorite hair color


Thats my favorite hair color , i hope someday in future i have this hair color again. I dont even sure what my hair color in this picture because if i take a picture , its look like orange. But in real life its more red than orange. So its kinda confusing for me between orange or red. But the fact its i really love this hair color!

Maybe i will coloring my hair again like this. But i think for try purple hair color or pink. Its kinda cool right? Or maybe blue!?! Uh… wanna try many hair color in same time , but i know its only made my hair suck!







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