Something I Forget

Have you forget your file at laptop or comp ? Yeah i have dont that many times , since i have many free time , i looking many file at my laptop , file its should be i upload long long time ago , but for some reason (read lazy) i forget to upload , editing and etc. So here i have free time i will do that…..

I get my friend picture actually. So surprise i even forget when i take her picture. But i know why i take a picture. Its for have fun. Just have lorr. So here this…




How the picture? Not bad lorr… I still have many picture (old picture) i will upload. Ahaha free time made me search some work. All picture its take and edit by me. I know its not good , not pro at all , but like i said its just for have fun. So yeah i dont know if you think its good or bad. But it think is pretty good. More picture will coming soon!



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