Alone or Lonely

I think its time to come back to SH again , next month i will flight come back to SH. Hm…. Time past fast right…

I dont know should i happy or sad , leaving my family , my friend , my city again for two times.. Its gonna be super hard. But in same time i really want go back to SH. I wanna feel Alone again , but i scary feeling lonely. Weird huh?

Sometimes i really need alone , i really want nobody to talk with me. But if too long i hate , its lonely… What i must do , what i must think , do and bla bla bla… Life never easy , i know that super well. Feel not sure its good (i know) it can made me more mature but (again i said but) hmm… Dont know how to suppose to do.

Second time its for hard than first time i leave. Its not suppose to be right? First time must be more hard than second time right? Right??? If i have friend like my friend right now at SH i will be super happy i dont feel scary to come back…


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