[Review] Revlon Eyelinear Grow Luscious


Finally i try this one after i buy for 5 month already. Because my favorite crayon pencil eyelinear from the face shop (the best of the best crayon pencil eyelinear!) so i decide to try another , And its not bad at all!


Revlon Grow Lucsious. Eyelienar Crayon Pencil from Revlon you can said this new maybe already at Indonesia around 1 year or more maybe 2 years. Because come with super branded name like Revlon why not to try how good this eyelinear?

For my opinion package like you see its kinda boring (sorry for yellow lamp) its come with green color , i dont know i dont like the color of this pencil its kinda cheap , i prefer with packaging with black color its more elegant right?

So here how the pencil crayon eyelinear look like


More close laaa


The shape like that because i already using for many times. So basic the shape of this pencil not bad like that , like other pencil eyelinear laaa… But this eyelinear no waterproof maybe because come with price like 10 box so its not waterproof from branded make up brand like revlon ? Maybe laaa… But i like the color of this eyelinear , really! Super black , like i want!

Color its pretty right?





I love the black color of this eyelinear crayon , and its easy to using. So for beginer you can start from eyelinear like this , its super easy. In the end before i close this review i will made it into point so more easy to you understanding laaa…

Good point

  • The black color its really good , super black i really like it!
  • Price its not expensive around 10 box and you get eyelinear form branded make up brand like revlon
  • Easy to using , if you try to apply eyelinear for first time i think its really match
  • Soft ( i dont know how to describe) But some eyelinear i know its really harsh to using but its not!
  • Easy to get , all revlon store must have this one , or any kind of drug store


Bad point

  • No waterproof
  • If you rub to strong it will be messy

Super many good think i give for review this product , even this eyelinear still not my super favorite one (my favorite one still the face shop laaa) But its really good , the color its pretty but yeah no waterproof. Like many people said you must pay more for something more , so maybe in this case its work. Since its around 10 box from revlon so its not waterproof . But who care if you wear for everyday without work with water laaa




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