Love Around

Finally , finally! Im just come back to watching taiwan drama , after 1 years or more (maybe) i forget about taiwan drama at all. Recently i dont feel interesting with taiwan drama , im more in with dorama or korea drama its really happening this time.

But… But….

Finaly i come back to taiwan drama. Super happy , i can feel im falling in love with taiwan drama again! Since im grow up with watching taiwan drama more than korea drama. But yeah because recently korea super happening so im get caught with korea drama than taiwan drama.

And i recently watching Love Around. Its really sweet romance drama , as usually taiwan drama. Love the couple so much laaa


George Hu and Anni Chen play in this drama. I dont know about Anni Chen , but George Hu i know. I watching him drama with Park Shin Hye Hayate the Combat Butler and The X Family , but i dont know he can be super charming like he in this drama. Dont know why he in this drama super charming!

For some info if you really deep in love with taiwan drama , i bet you know this couple have been to be a couple before at different drama. They play together in drama Love Now at 2009. I event dont have watching Love Now , and maybe not because the episode its crazy around 30 ep laa. Lazy to watching!


Love around still airing right now , i have been watching until ep 10 super enjoy watching this drama. And know what , i think its not enough falling in love with drama only. I falling in love with ost too! Uh… super crazy right


Ta dah! He handsome right? His name is Bii , if you think his face really Korea , yeah he is Korea – Taiwan. No wonder his face is super boy band right? I really falling in love with him , ahahaha even i download all his album on itunes laaa…

He sing in this drama Come Back To Me and 我會在你身邊. And my favorite song , actually almost Bii song but most is 我會在你身邊. Really glad laa meet taiwan singer after a long time im really dont in with taiwan music or drama. Hope he can be more popular , and have many album because he is really great singer. You must check him album at itunes laaa. He really good!


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