[Review] CC Cream Aura Tony Moly

I get another review , and this item is one of my favorite favorite item. Its CC cream from Tony Moly. Called Aura CC cream. And this product its really super awesome. Like very awesome. Next generation of BB cream. CC cream its really new product and i can said next generation of BB cream and maybe later we will have DD cream or else.

Anyway , im not fans of bb cream. But if you ask me you prefer what between fondation or bb cream. Of course i said bb cream. But compare than cc cream , im more love cc cream!

So whats its CC cream? And how CC cream work?

CC cream its same like fondation or BB cream. But CC cream dont have color tune like light , dark , or else. Generally CC cream only have one color , one type. So how CC cream? CC cream basically made your skin more bright one tone. Not like bb cream or fondation made your skin change. How suppose to explain? Yeah all BB cream CC cream or Fondation change skin color. But CC cream its change only one tone more bright , made your skin bright la you can said like that. But BB cream or Fondation made your skin change to color you want (i mean color of bb cream or fondation you buy).

I hope you understand what i said. Because i dont know how suppose to explain this one. I try hard to explain. I hope you understand.

I know some of brand have CC cream (major all cosmetic product from asia or west have cc cream right now). Like Etude House , Tony Moly , Inisfree , banila.co , etc. And the famous one its Tony Moly and Banila.co . I buy from Tony Moly , Banila.co , and Etude House. But right now i will review one from Tony Moly. Called Aura CC Cream


Im sorry for yellow color , cause when i take this picture i turn on lamp.




Come with pump made easy to using


So here i try to my hand sorry for show my ugly hand T_T


Because CC cream dont have tone color , so come with white color


I will try to my face , here i without CC cream









So yeah my skin more bright one tone than my actually skin. And result its really nature. If yous still dont get it , i will made a compare


See , really different right before and after? And the result its more nature than you using BB cream or Fondation. Its really match for everyday make up. Other reason why i like CC cream because its more moist than BB cream or Fondation.

From first until know i write about how good this product , but yeah its not really good , this product not perfect. The one i think made this product bad , and from my side its really bad because its sticky. Firs time i using CC cream with my hand i can still feel cc cream on my hand , and its kinda disgusting. Since that time i always apply CC cream using sponge or brush.  No one perfect its kinda best comment for this product!

Good Think

  • Come with SPF 30
  • Not expensive around 15 -17 dollar
  • Moist
  • Easy to blend so for first time wearing make up i think this product its really compatible
  • You can using as conselear too
  • Its perfect to using everyday , because the result its really natural

Bad Think

  • Sticky , so you must apply with fondation / brush

Here some tips for you if you want to using cc cream for control your acne or your dark circle

After apply CC cream to all part of your face , apply again in part you wan to cover for 2 until 3 time. And the result its more natural than you think.




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