Play With Camera

Super glad my camera already recover! I think my camera never come back to normal , but yeah i must spent some money for recovery.

So basically lens of camera broken , so i need another one. Just buy only lens around 65 dollar , plus service my camera already good again. I think its expansive for repair camera , but mei you ban fa cause i really love my camera and for me my samsung camera its super awesome camera , come with flip lcd and of course good quality!

Camera back so lets play with camera , take some picture because feel boring!

Me and Jul







If you look careful my hair in this picture already different , i already add some purple color on my hair. But said think after 2 or 3 time i wash my hair my purple hair gone , only little purple color you can see right now. Purple color never long lasting on my head! Plan for get another color before come back to SH!

Take a picture with my little sister for another mom!



And last not least ME!





I will come back to SH 13 this month. Just spent my few day with my awesome person around me. Cause i will come back next year to Indonesia , gonna miss them so much!



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