Floating Market

Recently go to floating market , cuase its kinda ‘in’ in my city , Bandung. Give a shot to come and see what can i do here and how good this place. Cause many friend already come to here and they said its not bad at all. So i want try , cause they said this place so good for refresh your soul. But… But… I dont like at all.

Maybe because i came to wrong day , wrong time , and wrong friend!

Dont know why i dont feel happy come to here. Expensive , dirty and yeah they dont have anything. Okay lah they have many think for you to play but the price its kinda crazy for me. Expsensive laa. For example play APV for 15 around 6 dollar. Its kinda crazy price for me , even i now its normal price for play ATV at Lembang , Bandung. But for me who come from Bandung its kinda crazy price!

Place its kinda not bad , but the sun uh its not kidding , super hot!




Because i came in weekday so this place kinda like death place.





They have so many game but yeah its expensive at least for me its expensive


And if you think floating market this one its like really floating market thailand , or really floating market you wrong. Cause all floating market here its fake , so dont expect more about floating market.

The fake floating market



This boat sell food , drink , snack , and many more. But you cant pay with money. So first you must buy some coin at counter and when you get a coin use that coin for buy food , or else you want at boot. I think its kinda cute for pay with coin. But in same times is kinda hen ma fan , cause if you only one buy one item you must go to counter buy coin and come back to boat. Its what i do before. And i kinda feel annoying with coin.

After all im promise i dont one come to two times here cause i think i cant do anything here. Maybe just relax but i dont feel relax at all. Just so so laaa…

For come to floating market you must pay 1 dollar each person. Ticket can you exchange with drink (milo , coffee , lemon tea , etc) when you come in. But you must pay for parking. For car its 0.5 dollar. They have boat like kayak , etc. But you must pay again for using.

The cheap one its boat you pay around… 0.1 dollar (please dont mind if wrong to calculate how much in dollar but in rupiah its 1.000 rupiah) each person. You can go to floating market with boat , or walk.

I decide to walk first to floating market to see what they have , but the return we decide to using boat. Jotha , my friend its kinda scary because she think its not safety at all , but yeah even its not safety we can swim very well , i think its good.

Waiting for boat , its super long long time!


Just maybe because i come with jotha not boyfriend in sunny day , i feel super mad and upset. So made this place not special. Maybe if i came with boyfriend in night it will amazing place. But yeah my friend said this place really good to come in night than afternoon. If i have a boyfriend and this place still alive , i will come back again to here in night



My eyes so small , because i cant see clearly , super sunny lorr




Waiting boat , snack time selca time !




Look her face here , its not kidding so freaking funny!


We both agree if this place not good at all. Because of many reason we decide not like this place and feel disappointed with this place.

Jotha aka Nemo




She busy to play phone and ignore me!




And last its my turn! Kekeke




Our journey maybe must stop here , cause next week i will come back to SH and yeah catch my better future. Gonna miss all my best friend , crazy moment , food , indonesia , and of course my family

Even the journey must stop here , but it will be continue next year. Next year i will come back with band new of me. I dont know what kinda me in next year but i hope the best think for me.





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