What Teen Taught To Me

Im not teenager again. Its reality even its hurt me LoL. But i will tell you what my teen moment. Let see what teen taught to me.


Yeah that describe my teen life. Sound very bad right? Yeah you can said like that. Very bad for my view , for some people maybe its small piece of life problem but for me that time its kinda my world will gone.

Start from my junior high school. Im normal student. Im bright person , i never bully person , never do something bad to my class mate or friend , never get trouble , im good kid but being good kid its not enough . Even im good , even im normal i dont know why its happen to me.

My junior high school class mate its not kidding , they so cruel. Okay let me tell from beginning. Lets describe about me first. Yeah im good and bright person and never get any trouble at school. Never fight at all. Just made me different its my visual , i fat.

Its fault being fat!?!

I dont know what they think , they always said something cruel because im fat , they call me Pig , Big Mama , etc. I dont even remember clearly and dont want to remember but what they said about me its hurt me so bad. I dont know why they do that to me cause im never ever to said bad think about them.

I believe every human who living in this world its not prefect , but why some of them think they perfect so they can judge people who their think its not pefect. Its cruel.

Some time i can smile when they started mocking to me , but sometimes i cry. Human have limit right? And i have human and have limit too

Because of them , i even cry at class one time. I go to toilet and cry like stupid! Im regret why im so weak at that time , but seriously its kinda so hard to endure what they mocking about me. I hear almost everyday. I lost my confident for sure.

Second time i even cry at school , but not at class because they said yeah… same cruel think. It just because i past in front of them , they started mocking me.

Even i already crying 2 times in one era , junior high school. In same school but its not change anything. They still do something they do , mocking. I just wondering if they feel guilty to me when they mocking me and i crying. But its just my dream , they  never feel guilty at all cause they started do what i hate so much!

Im really sure teacher know about what they do to me. Mocking. But they never think its really serious problem. And they believe they have a tons a problem for they think like exam , grade etc. So mocking its not their problem at least not priority problem.

Now im already adult , at least im already 20 years old i know mocking to class mate its really big problem. Its called bullying , same like you fight. But mostly school dont care about bully accident at school , they just pretending its never happen

Even im verbal bully everyday , im not bad that much. I have few good friend so i still can laugh at that time. Im glad at least i still have good friend like them. But even i have good friend i still have lost my confident.

When i came to front of class , i always imagine many people started talk about how fat i am , and its made me not confident and hate came to front of class. I hate sport too , cause they started talk about how slowly i am , how i bad at sport , etc.

At least 3 years , i spent my teenager day with get mocking. Even not all mocking me ,but almost at my class mate mocking me , crazy think when they need borrow something to me , i still said okay. Even they do cruel think about me yeah im still good to them.

After you read my junior high school what you think? Maybe some of you think my teenager life its bad , but maybe some of you think ‘if you dont want people mocking you , you can started diet’.

I too much love eating , i dont want to lost change to eat good food , i too much love food so i can endure that moment. At least even its bad moment , i still can past at least i dont kill my self , i even never think to kill my self. I love my self so much! But i ever to think run from my home ahahaha.

My junior high school is christian school , so many people school at there is christian. And im not christian. Im buddha. For second time im being different again.

One time my classmate started made even at his house we called ‘komsel’ (komsel its some event between christian you come together pray , read bible , etc) Many of my class mate join him komsel. He started to invite me. But i said i cant

So what happen after i ignore him invite?

“Until when you want life like trash? You must repent before hell come to you. I really dont have any idea what your parent teach you?”

Im really angry at that time. I never being super angry to my friend , cause every time they said bad think about me , mocking i just laugh , pretending dont care , or yeah crying. But now im dont want crying! I want mad

“You can do anything you want to me , but not to my parents they who raise me until right now. How can you said something bad to them , even you dont know them!”

Its what i said. Until now its what i will said when someone mocking my parents or my family. I really dont care what people said about me , i can handle even its hurt super bad , but for my family i will fight for them!

Enough i spent my life like that. I decide to move out. I decide to change my high school. I move to another high school. I meet good friend , and i meet my confident.

My class mate when im high school is really nice , they never ever to mocking me before i started. Even they mocking me , they mocking for humor , and sometimes i laugh too so i dont mind. Im really have better , really better life when im high school. But yeah until now im really not confident enough but im have encourage for come to front of class now without any worry. I can just be my self , its what i think when im high school.

Thx junior high school , already give me bad memories , so i can appreciate my beautiful high school memories




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