Search Word

Always do something crazy when you with your best friend.

You must now if you have best friend , what mean and of course what happen. For you who dont have best friend , “Hey you deserve get best friend! Search for get them!”

I always do something crazy when im with my best friend. I spent almost my time with them , since yeah i dont have many friend and i dont really care about that. Why i should have many friend when best friend is enough? Please dont miss understanding me , im not person hate social but i kinda lazy (what made diferent hey!?)

Even i leave them for a couple moth , have something never change! One of my friend , jotha really like to play ‘search word’ at Waruku , one of japan restaurant in my city. Before i leave Indonesia we play it , until i come back we still play it. I dont know what the fun point , but she like cause if you succeed you will get voucher 50.000 rupiah.


They really play very serious for ‘search word’



Even Jotha ignore me while im taking a picture , she even dont realize i taking a picture LOL



The voucher is not really good. I mean yeah its good , price its okay 50.000 rupiah. But i dont think you must addict play ‘search word’ for that voucher right? But i always agree to everything (almost) , what she want. I must be good girlfriend to my best friend.

Since she succeed , Jotha we get voucher and spent for eat. Hoho… Im not kidding i really like eat here. Everything come with perfect taste at waraku. I just wonder why this shop never full

Salmon Teriyaki , taste is not kidding so goooodd!


Buy Salmon only 1Rupiah! Can you imagine this one only 1Rp , because they have special event , when you order one drink you can order sushi only 1Rp!?!!


Ocha for drink!


Actually we order another think , its noddles but because Jotha (okay this name came again) , really cant endure her hungry so she eat and i must said i forget to take a picture too and blame to my stupid friend , Jotha. Buakakaka so evil me!

We just end that visiting like usually. Jotha play ‘search word’ . Me and Jul playing card , Jea busy with her own word. We really have each think we want to do , but yeah i must said even we have what we want to do , and that different but that think not we made feel down.

With you best friend you just can feel relax , you can do anything you want. Do anything without feel fear.

Sister from another mom and dad


Me and stupid Jotha





Selca time!





My lovely sister from another mom and dad , all!






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