Master Of Sun

I really dont anticipating this drama. I mean it! Since case is So Ji sub , so far this hot man almost play serious drama like Ghost , one of my favorite drama ever from him. So i dont expect that much from this film!

Only reason why i watching this drama because L join in this drama as younger So Ji Sub!


And because this drama too! I can sleep at all ! I never expect this drama will tell story about ghost , the real ghost! And when im watching this drama , im kinda mental break down. Maybe its my fault who never read story first , but whos care i just wanna see infinite L .



Im really enjoy this drama. Even i scary too see the ghost ( i even cant sleep for a couple days) but i really enjoy the story of this drama. Its more interesting than Who Are You , which have same genre with this drama GHost story and have almost same date for season airing.

This drama story about Tae Gong Sil who can see ghost , make many people think she crazy or something because she scary whit many think too , sometimes she talk alone , but she not talk alone she talk with ghost so people see she alone , sine many people cant see ghost.

But someday she meet Joo Joong Won , cool CEO . Who bring miracle for Tae Gong Sil. Dont know why , when Tae Gong Sil touching Joo Joong Won , ghost will gone , and she can feel relax without see ghost. So because that she need Joo Joong Won , so Tae Gong Sil catch Joo Joong Won like crazy , she hope Joo Joong Won want to help her.

For that hope Tae Gong Sil must catch up Jo Joong Won fist love which already death. He want ask to her death girlfriend about accident and how really she feel about him.



This drama really drive me crazy. Airing on wednesday and thursday ato 22.00 korea time. Made me super crazy. I even can watch this drama without subs , i even cant understand korea but only watching their acting made ma day!

Gong Hyo Jin acting skill is not kidding. She really made her character alive , and sometimes she play in different character in this film , and its really different. I can see different person but in one face. Is not cool? Her acting in this film i really must give four thumbs up for her. Lover her acting so much , and So Ji Sub and Seo In Guk , of course not kidding.


Not only Gong Hyo Jin , im said is not kidding. Ahjushi So Ji Subs is not kidding too! I know he is pro actor at Korea. But who imagine he can be super cute adorable like that with that face!?!! I mean , before i only watchign So Ji Sub film or drama he play super serious , without any cute screen especially at Ghost , but now , even he really serious and cool CEO but sometimes you can see how cute adorable he is!

He already melt me , with him aegyo . He ageyo really already take my heart and my eyes , EVERTHING!

You must watching this drama , and i will made sure not regret to watching this drama , because this drama already made my day for couple week before!


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