Meet Up Again!

Remember my Shanghai friend , someone who i never mention about her name? Yeaps… Finally we meet up again before im come back to Shanghai.


We spent so many times , moment together at Shanghai. She super nice friend , and because we came from same city we really easy to being friendly , and plus we ever came to same school before. So its much more easy talking with her. Im glad meet her at Shanghai.

After im came back for holiday , i dont know for one and other reason we dont meet up. We mention to meet up each other but dont know we cancle all. And now we made sure for meet up before im came back to Shanghai. We choice one of coffee shop near our home.

Photo 10-09-13 18.30.17

Photo 10-09-13 18.30.34

Photo 10-09-13 18.31.10

Photo 10-09-13 18.31.30

I forgot to bring my camera and here all picture taking from my iphone so quality is not that good.

Super happy meet her again , we share our story at shanghai. What we do at Shanghai before , she tell me if she miss Shanghai food and other think , and of course we talk about our life at Bandung. What we plan for life and future like job , and bla bla bla…

Im glad we can meet up before i leave again to com back to Shanghai. Make me realize “Ah we are being friend not because we live in other country but because we like each other”i think is important.

I dont know when im stay at Shanghai , im kind quietly person , i dont really like made new friend. Dont know why , even im shy person im not person who lazy have new friend (okay lah sometimes i lazy). But here im very very very lazy to get new friend. I dont even care im alone or have a friend.

Maybe reason is , im scary people super friend here because we live in other country , not because she/he like me as friend. Just because situation made she/he being my friend , and im scary when im come back to Indonesia she/he will hate me or something like that. So i decide not to friendly.

Just glad she not kind type like that. Even i dont know what she think about me , but at least i wanna believe like that , she wanna be my friend because im good friend.

Photo 10-09-13 18.37.14

Photo 10-09-13 18.37.55

Photo 10-09-13 18.38.09

Photo 10-09-13 18.38.52

Photo 10-09-13 18.41.42

Photo 10-09-13 18.42.00

We spent like 4 hour stay at cafe for chit chat and now dont wonder if i have so many picture together with her!

Photo 10-09-13 18.54.00

Photo 10-09-13 18.39.55

Photo 10-09-13 18.40.13

Photo 10-09-13 18.40.40

Photo 10-09-13 18.41.06

For the end this post is my selca being dorky

Photo 10-09-13 18.42.18

Photo 10-09-13 18.42.27

See you next year shanghai friend , hope i can meet you as soon as possible when im come back , and we can made good memories again together


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