I think i will made more post day by day. *sigh*. I dont have many think to do , beside came to school , come back home and do nothing! So i will made some activity which mean blogging  , and other stuff like that. So maybe i will update my blog more often.

Welcome to my boring world!

Even yah its boring , im still enjoy what i have been done until now. This moment , i dont want to regret because i know in future i will be super glad because i ever to past kind this moment , is not good moment , but not horrible too!

So…. Past week ago (before im leaving Indonesia) , me and my beloved friend Jotha decide to date together, only us! Ahahaha , how so sweet we are right? Basically i accompany her to hang out at new place for her. So we decide go to Fabrick. Since i want to wi-fi do some survey and looking some good food.

Our messy table



Cih! Ugly finger


Since i know more about what good stuff at Fabrik , i who decide what we order. Since my lovely friend who have limited brain give to me for decide which food good , so yeah we choice to buy burger and chicken! And she like!


Black burger we order that time. Super big , and weird. Just wonder how can bread come with black color. I dont want to have bad think about yeah since is weird and unusually i try to introduce kind of this bread to my beloved friend.

Actually i ever to eat and see something like this at Shanghai , but in Indonesia honestly is my first time looking bread come with black color , maybe some of you will feel crazy looking this burger , but seriously taste is same like normal burger. Is like bread , normal bread laaaa



Because is too big , and we just wonder how to eat. She , Nemo decide to eat big burger with her style. Wonder how she eat big burger with her style. Like this…



*sigh* I dont know if anybody have ever try eat burger like this before. But seriously is kinda stupid and i dont feel like im eating burger at all. Okay i try hard to imagine im at burger . but yeah the fact i dont feel like im eat burger at all if im eat with her style.



Other think we order is chicken. And she , Nemo really like it. Me too! Server with big portion and price is not bad is worthy to try laaa


And i get milkshake coffee that day. Not special at all.

For me , im like fabrik. They have good food , good place and with nice price. Not expensive laaa… But for some part i dont like fabrik because their service. You must wait for long time for get your food. But yeah the rest is good. They even have special even on tuesday (if im correct) you can order bir only 1 box , is quietly cheap buy bir with that price at Bandung.




Beside talking about food we share many times together. We never stop to talking when we meet , just wonder why we became like that. We always something to share with each other and im enjoy hang out around with her.

Even she not perfect best friend in the world , maybe the baddest. But who care!?! She is my best friend and i proud of that!

One of poem i meet when we came to fabrik toilet. I love this poem


Stupid friend.



She dont have any idea i take her picture







Last my selca , i just only have one selca in that time. Wonder why


I never ask to have perfect best friend , i just wanna ask to God , protect our friendship forever. Even she not perfect but i wanna be her best friend until we old and die


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