Korean Food

I should be post this few month ago. But because one and two reason who i dont know sure what and its just happen now. Better late than not right?

As you know Korea is super popular now , not only song , style , but food too. Me im love with korean food so much! In my country eat Korea food you can said expensive , yeah more expensive than eat japanesse food laaa… Cause i like korea food , im used to searching some korea restaurant at Shanghai. And i found one!



I dont know this shop name , i can read chinesse very well or either korea. So yeah this shop in in nanjing lu , Shanghai. Actually its open to at Houngkou plaza , near my place but the place i take is from Nanjing lu.

I accident get this shop , when im walking around at Nanjing , i found cute shop which sell korea food. Because i like Korea food , i think why not try. And you must try if you come to shanghai , because its not kidding good!





Even my friend who dont know korea food , try korea food from this shop and she really falling in love. Taste is not kidding good. And price dont ask , you can said is not expensive laa , around 10 until 30 rengmping each portion. So it quietly good price right?

I have some favorite menu here , is tokpoki , jajamyun , rice with kimchi , and fish cake (sorry if i said wrong). What i said before , you must try , and you will be like , i think i can guarantee 100% laaaa


Here some my favorite menu


Jjamyun or black noodle
My friend said its not good , taste weird but for me is quietly good even its little weird

nom nom





Bibimbap that day for my friend , and she said taste is like normal bibimbap not special at all but its quietly good

My favorite snack tokpoki and fish cake!!




I really suggest you to try this restaurant. If you like korea food you will be like eating here! Taste really good and their service i think its not bad at all. But yeah place is small , so when you came in busy time i dont think you will be have place for eat you must be wait for second.

We nom nom time





Least not last visit this place!! It really worthy laaa




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