New Item

If my mom know , she will scold me now because i buy unuseful stuff again. But dont know why since im kid i really like buy item look cute or really unique maybe its already became my personality or something

I get new screen protect. I have reason for this one. My old screen protect already ugly , and its really protect my screen. God job my old screen protect! Since the old one already ugly and stuff i buy the new one and its really cheaps around 2 box. I still remember the old one i buy around 20 box , but now i buy only 2 box WTF



This screen protect come with all stuff screen protect , so basicly is kind of all in one screen protect. The reason buy i silver one because dont have any pretty color , only silver and black i dont like black so i prefect silver and its quietly nice laaa

And other think i like its , the skin protect is kinda have , how to said its not glossy is like have little stone or something when you touch.


Beside screen protect i buy new case for my iphone 5! Is not cute!?!





Its from disney called Phineas & Ferb. But seriously i dont know who he/she. I never see he/she from disney i dont who fault , but i swear i never see this character before , maybe is unpopular character or something.

But even i dont know this character but since its cute kind of duck or something , i really wanted to have one. Even when im try with iphone , my iphone suddenly became much more bigger and heavier. It will be trouble if i bring small bag wearing this case iphone.


And last think i buy , is planner. One of my favorite shop already started sell planner , and all planner is freaking cute! But i must choice one , since its planner will be weird if i buy more than one. So i buy the best one which mean the simple , cute , and of course easy to take.

I choice this one. Small , not heavy , come with month date , and design is freaking cute. I cant leave my planner , because im easy to forget i must have planner specially when i have job or study like i do now. Some of you maybe more prefer using planner handphone , but me im kind of classic woman or something , i more like writing so i prefer buy cute planner and write what i want to do.

But seriously like if im on holiday , my planner be unusefull or if i write something , i write something like play with bla bla at bla bla or filming , blogging , or kind of like that. So when my friend reading my planner , they always said my planner its suck , why you need planner for something like this? Okay laa even sometimes i write some suck plan , but its still plan it will be i must do right!?!





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