[Review] White Mud Nose Pack The Face Shop


Nose pack , sound familiar right? I think almost you know about nose pack.

I really have problem with blackheads even is not worse , but blackhead still blackheads in some point is disturb me , because i think is not pretty and kinda of annoying my face so i need good nose pack.

Here i have nose pack from the face shop , i already using for several time and result is amazing. It take off all your blackheads on your nose and its little painful.

I ever to use some nose pack before from other brand , and you know what , is really painful. Is not kidding , is kind driving me super crazy laaa. I think some nose pack work like that , but this one now. is really good

Okay lets see detail of packaging





Packaging yeah is not special at all , like you can see. And in behind of tube they have direction how to using this product. Very helpful for who you first time using nose pack for first time.


Here when im applying nose pack , apply on nose and around nose little. Make sure you apply on all area you want to peel off. Another think is texture this product is really thick and is made a problem when im apply around my nose.


After 10 or 15 minute actually i always to forget looking clock sometimes i can take off after 30 but i think is not problem laa , not made different at all





After 10 or 15 minute nose pack will harden and you can take off slowly. You dont know hurt your skin right? So take slowly with feel , dont take off at once time it will painful la!

Like you can see after all peel off leaves a part of white mud , im really do the best for take off clean but i think i cant made it , so still leaves some part of white mud and after this i must wash my face again.



Here result , i dont know if you can see clearly or no , but trust me all my blackheads take off without leaves. You can see if you want know your blackheads take off or no like this.

Here result of my noice (pardon for my bare face…)





Usually i using nose pack one time per week , but if you have worse trouble with blackheads i suggest you to using at leas 3 time per week for better result , but when your blackheads already gone , using 1 times per week , for keep your nose without blackheads.

So many nose pack product outside , some of them is good , and some of them is not good.  But i can said this product is the one of the best product for nose pack.

In the end i will made summary for this product good think and bad think , here we go!

Good think

  • More cheaper than using paper nose pack
  • Take off all your blackheads

Bad think

  • Thick , some point you will get problem when you apply
  • When you take off always leave some part will still not hard even you already leave on 10 or 15 minutes



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