[Review] Inisfree Nail Polish Pink Neon Number 74

Just get new one of inisfree nail polish! And im really falling in love! This color of insifree nail polish is really pretty! Is just like what i want!


Get pink neon color! Im kinda crazy with kind of color like this , example orange neon , pink neon , yellow neon , and etc. You know color who really stand up , i kinda like kind of that color.

Actually this product i already mention in my haul of inisfree. But because im promise to review this product , here we go my review.

Detail of packaging








This color just really pretty!  I dont know how to describe again haha. Im love this color , beside color is pretty i can said inisfree nail polish dry quickly too! Dont have any bad think with this product , everything just prefect! Im kinda highly recommended this product for you who like stand up color!

If you buy at counter at China you just need 30 rengmingpi , is not expensive. But maybe if you stay outside china , you can search online at ebay or something like that , i dont know cause i buy this one at store.

Inisfree at china is super easy to find , especially at Shanghai almost every popular district have inisfree store. So drop at inisfree store for buy this one!


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