[Review] Itanazura Na Kiss

Many drama right now , have different version. Even with same story but they made with different drama. So i choice one of drama who have different version to review.
More than review , i think is compare. But you can said review too , i choice review la as a title. Yeaps…This my compare/ review for drama Itanazura Na Kiss , i will said like that because that is the original title.

Actually Taiwan version change this drama to be They Kiss again or It Started With KissKorea to be Playfull Kiss and Japan have another version for some reason Itanazura Na Kiss Love In Tokyo

Really i dont have idea why they change the title of this drama , made different version is okay but change the title kinda biggest question , and the last not least , i dont have any idea why japan made the another version of this drama since they already have before.

Cause they have new version , so i made this video cause i just recently finish watching Itanazura Na Kiss Love in Tokyo which airing this years.

This video i just try to compare between Korea , Taiwan , and Japan (China when you made your vers huh?). Honestly this drama is not my favorite , wanna said more honest i dont like this drama. I dont said about acting actor or actress , i said about this drama , made short i dont like the story.

Its just too dramatic for me.

This story is to fantasy love story , i dont even know or think this love story will happen in real life , ordinary girl or more like minus get perfect man who more like princes? Even in real life Prince William get smart girl with beauty appear.

Even i love drama but if you too much dramatic , to much fantasy but with background real life , i dont like it. Even i dont like , many of my friend love this drama , and i know this drama is not kidding. Almost all ep with different version get best ratting , so this drama get many love for many people right?

Not because i said i dont like , i dont watcing. I still watching , try to like this drama , even in the end i still dont like even i already watching with different ver , the point is the story.

Dont know if you like kind this story or no? Just curious if just me who dont like this drama story…


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