[Review] Kdrama : Master of Sun

I dont want to lose this moment , before Heirs airing i will review Master of Sun , even i know i already mention before on my blog too how crazy this drama was. But its just a post , and i still dont review properly i guess. So here we go!

ps : I get accident with my hair , i hope you dont mind about this accident. I hope i can record again but it hink i dont have many time cause i still have same list of video i will record and some post i will share you guys.. So please apologize my hair.

After record and edit , i realize many think i still dont mention. So because that i will write in this post something i forget.


Sound crazy i am , but seriously this drama is take me all! I really love this drama so much! Before Heirs take my love i will share how love i am with this drama.

This drama have good story and of course good acting , i kinda shock looking So Ji Sub here , he can hypnotize me. I watch some drama or movie of So Ji Sub , and he totally serious person. In Ghost he really like good police , in sorry i love he , he just mellow person but here! In Master of Sun , he totally epic!

I dont know how can he act like that , he just epic! When he started falling in love , lost control of his self because Taeyang , he just perfect! Even i think kinda clumsy but in same time he romantic. In some screen he lost many money for Taeyang! Kinda crazy cause he really really love money.

Just admire someone like that , who can forget something he/she like so much for someone who love.

And here Gong Hyo Jin , she just crazy. She really good acting , she have skill. You will hypnotize (again) with her acting. She made character Taeyang live. In some screen she change to be different person , because ghost , she totally different! You can see when you watching , he just come to different person , in fact is still same person la! But you can feel she became different person.

Just wonder how can she became different person in same screen. She work hard to made character Taeyang live. And i get the point here , she really pretty think film. Before master of sun i watching her film in Pasta and The Greatest of Love. She not pretty at all. But her she just pretty and adorable

She show her unique fashion style here , in same time you can said fashion terrorist. Dont know what happen with her cody , but yeah in same screen she wearing ‘weird’ clothes i dont get it at all

But… Im kinda interesting with ring she always wearing in this drama. Is really cute when she wearing. In same time made me get different filling , like “wooah… she so cool” Kinda like that.

And what else i forget mention?

Ah Seo In Guk , he play as Kang Woo. Who working in security section of Kingdom. You can see how cool he is when he punch some people. He super cool when he do martial art. But even he can do martial art in this drama he really scary with ghost. Kinda funny right?

Many funny think in this drama , even first i just cant sleep at all when watching this drama. I crushing to my self

“what daufak im doing! in midnight watching ghost story just for L , and he justy play as cameo!”

Yeah my expect he play in thi drama as additional cast , i can said like that. Cause he play as younger Joo Jong Woon , and you only can see around 20 or 30 minute maybe in rest of drama. So im kinda disappointed at first , but in the end im enjoy this drama so much.

This drama tell about ghost , but is still worth to watching. ENJOY!


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