[Review] Syoss Hair Mask Repair Therapy

As you know i never ever let my hair with black color. Hate? Kinda… I dont ever think im match with black color , but with other color beside black im kinda feel im match or even no for some people who looking me , but for me i more confident with other color beside black , somehow like that.

Cause that im addict or must coloring my hair at least one time one month , i know… Im really know if i do that my hair gonna be dry and is not good. But i think i dont have any other choice , i must coloring my hair! Because im must coloring so , i just get special treatment for my hair. At least is what i can do to protect my hair for more damaged hari la!

Recently i try Syoss Hair Mask Repair Therapy , and i love this product so much! Is help my hair for more damaged. I give highly recommended for this one. Lets check this product out!






All with chinese , please dont wonder cause i buy this one at Watson China. I reached at Internet this product is popular too in Japan cause come from Syoss la , Syoss is really popular with hair product like shampoo , hair treatment , conditioner , etc.

Come with Keratin its made more this product perfect. Honestly what is Keratin? Let me explain before , Keratin its protein hair really need. You can said is meal for your hair laa. Keratin protect you for more damaged hair from flat iron , hair dryer etc. Even you have healthy hair keratin can made your hair more moist and shine.

Even is called repair therapy but i think even you hair not damaged you can using. But of course is more compatible with damaged hair

Its how look like , normal like other mask and smell is really good!


Time to apply!











I can feel my hair is super soft and more moist. Its really help my hair so much! Cause my hair is extream dry cause i cant stop to coloring my hair , and this hair mask repair , and reduce some damaged on my hair! At least i do hair mask like 3 times per week if im free or 2 times per week if im busy , is already enough.

Beside im using for hair mask , because my hair really damaged , im using as conditioner too. So for you who have really damaged hair , you can using hair mask for conditioner for better result.

If im using as conditioner i let at leas 2 or 3 minutes. If i using as mask maybe around 30 or 45 minutes , without steam. Cause if you have dream hair and you mask with steam , is kinda not useful cause steam is not good for dry hair. Yeah that all the review for Syoss hair mask repair therapy , i hope you understand , or if you dont understand i will made point to made more easy to understanding (better than read all my shit world hahaha).

Good think.

  • When you apply on your hair you can feel directly what different.
  • Not expensive
  • Come with keratin and really helpful you to reduce your damaged hair.
  • Smell is really god! Fresh!

Bad think

  • I think not all country have syoss , for example my country Indonesia we dont have syoss




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