If you watching my video on my youtube channel or reading my holy crap blog , and if you really kind and really want to know i let me now…

Know about what? About my hair color!

STUCK! I dont know why i describe my hair color with stuck , is not look like my hair color stuck. But my feeling said like that. Stuck. Stuck because i wanna super badly change my hair color , but i still dont have any idea what color this time..

Reason why i wanna change my hair color so badly because… I dont know my hair color anymore. In some time my hair color is grey , okay im ever to dye my hair color to grey and purple few days ago before i come to Shanghai , and after i arrive at Shanghai purple gone and change to be grey. Okay… I sill okay with this condition

But the worst think happen , i never ever to dye my hair to light brown , and sometimes its happen my hair color look like light brown almost blonde but in other time is look like grey.. Dont know what my hair color wanna..



Sometimes because grey , sometimes became light brown or almost blonde , and sometimes i even dont know whats exactly my hair color it is… Seriously i really hate this condition , when i dont know what exactly my hair color it is is suppose to be time for dye again my hair , but (again) like i said before i still dont have any idea what color i really want on my hair

When my hair color come to light brown , even i never dye my hair before to be light brown


and i dont know what color this is….


Grey time almost look like white for some people


mix between grey and light brown


Seriously i stuck with my hair color right now , i will change my hair color as soon as possible because i think i cant endure anymore with ambigu hair color. I need exactly hair color for some reason. I will searching some good salon at shanghai for dye my hair or maybe i will dye by hair by my self , since i can do that…

But yeah as you can see my hair is pretty damaged  , is dry. I think i too often to dye my hair but like i said before i cant let my hair going black. So yeah i take all responbility for my hair.

All picture in this photo is real , i dont apply any fillter at all. So you can see my true hair color. Because many of my friend talking about my hair color , so its the real one. I dont dye to blonde but its happen for some reason. But maybe this week i will have new hair color bless me guys!



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