[Review] Etude Deo Perfrume Stick

After so many useless , jerk , nasty post. Right now i have some useful post (at least i give you some info laaa). Few days ago i looking around Shanghai city , to get some Korea cosmetic is not easy here , but you can get super easy insifree product. But im kinda boring with insifree , i need another think la! I need like etude house , tony molly , nature republic , etc. And i get it.

Is not me who find this store , but my friend. She said at Seoul Plaza they have store who sell make up product from Korea. They have insifree , etude , nature republic , face shop , etc. Im super interesting , so i come to there and yeah… Im happy they sell so many korea cosmetic and its cheap!

Even etude product at there more cheaper than at Etude House Store Indonesia Dafuk….


So i get my self deo perfume stick from Etude. Seriously i need this and yeah when im try to smell , smell is super goooodddd…and its super cute! Put your hands up… ahahaha seriously its really cute deodorant

Let me show you cutest overload deodorant







Cute overload right!?! I never ever see deodorant like this one for rest of my life. Packaging is super cute overload laaa! And seriously smell is really fresh because is lemon.

Maybe because i buy not at official store so dont have chinese info in this product. Maybe they buy at Hongkong or Korea so only have korea and english for introduce this product , im super happy because is really hard to read chinesse laa…

I get this deodorant for 40 or 50 RMB. Im forget how much exactly this product but im sure around that price. Is more expensive than normal deodorant you can get at any drug store. I know but yeah maybe is because come from etude house so is more expensive , like deodorant from Body Shop , Adidas , etc. Because they have name so their deodorant more expensive than normal one , i can understand that.

After all i really like this deodorant , beside smell is super good , fresh i like their packaging too. Its not first time i see this product when i was at Indonesia few month ago or maybe last year i see this product but im shock when i know how much is around 9 or 10 box here i get around 40 – 50 RMB. So without think twice i buy this one… hahaha

Good think

  • I love lemon smell , is super fresh
  • Packaging is cute overload , is hard to see deodorant have cute packaging like this one

Bad Think

  • More expensive than normal deodorant
  • Beside smell is different from drug store deodorant but i think drugstore deodorant more long lasting than this

Ps : i just realize i forget to take picture how look like deodorant when you open… super sorry but is really normal , stick one with soft green , color like lime.


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