[Review] Cotton Swab Inisfree



If you watching my haul video from inisfree , i already mention i dont like this cotton swab. Is out from my expect. I think it will be awesome , work well. But not at all! I just feel super disappointed… Why?? Okay  will explain this one…

Stick this cotton swab is weak so when you hold to much it can crooked. And i dont like. Its my first time see cotton swab like this. Have weak stick

Here a picture



Just some case you hold to much , and this what will happen. And even you hold normal you can feel stick is not strong enough. And other think  i dont like its , when you put cotton swab to make up remover sometimes cotton swab will be messy. I never ever to see cotton swab can messy like this

Here a picture


I dont know if cotton swab like this exit. I never see cotton swab like this before. So its my first time and im so shock and disappointed cause i expect more from such a big brand like inisfree.

Actually reason i buy this because i need cotton swab like pencil shape it will more easy to correct eye linear. But if its messy like this one , its zero , still i can easy to erase laaa


This cotton swab have good point too come with many cotton swab more than normal , and have good package. But still im not like  And than is more expensive than normal cotton swab. Actually i buy same type cotton swab at drug store , even not much as inisfree cotton swab but work very well. Like normal cotton swab. I dont know what happen with this cotton swab of inisfree.

Good point

  • come with huge amount of cotton swab
  • come with good package

Bad point

  • Stick weak
  • Cotton swab can messy when apply to make up remover or liquid
  • more expensive than normal cotton swab


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