Its already november

Hi november!

What are you doing yesterday? Halloween part? I hope your party is good , at least you have fun like what i do. Actually id ont have any plan to go to halloween party , i dont have costume and im lazy to do some make up character. So i dont interesting at all. What i have in my mind only sleep in my nice bedroom.


I get phone call in afternoon and he said , i must go to accompany him go to party! I said i dont want to go , i dont have costume and i to lazy to dancing on dance floor. He never give up he push me to go , he said i dont need costume just be pretty thats all… And after i think for a while i said okay laa i go. He want go to club so badly so here i am as good friend.

He bring me to M2 and yeah everyone wearing costume expect me (maybe) and my friend. So my plan actually sit pretty and drinking all night. That my plan so its what i do. I dont interesting go to dance floor dancing and stuff , to lazy to do. But he is , he go to dance floor and dancing with girl i dont know who.

Actually i am too , chit chat with strange boy. Just normal chit chat. Nothing special at all , i come back to home around 3am change clothes to pajamas and decide to blog in first day on november

So here we i go… My halloween party is not suck fun enough , i try to enjoy even for you who read maybe is boring i come to club without costume only sit and drinking but for me is fun la. Enough fun!



Yeaps… Is Jaejoong on my background macbook!

Seriously i not kind a person like to change my macbook background and stuff. I more like to made it plain and natural. But now for firs time i change my background! Seriously is my first time i change my background since i buy my macbook

Believe it or no , but believe!

The reason why i suddenly change because he made come back , and im totally under his control again. I think after i like many man , i will stop being crazy with him. But i think i never get enough with him. He is my first love and my all…



Is holly shit , not only my macbook my iphone to change. Im so often to change my background my iphone , last my background iphone is my picture and my mom picture. I change before im leaving Indonesia , is pretty long around 1 month more , and now my background iphone change to Jaejoong

Jaejoong you got me under your skin!

Mirotic song play out! Is kinda my case. Even i try to escape forget him , and love another boy i cant forget him at all. When he made a come back , i still being crazy like before. I never feel tired to him actually…

I dont mind too!!


October is really pretty much fun , i hope this november will be awesome too!

I want pass 2013 as soon as possible so i can go back home! And yeah i must tell the truth i miss home so badly. I wanna go home as soon as possible. I listen from my mom about my grandmom condition. She not healthy now seriously im worried. I want go back home as soon as possible!!!



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